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Jul 8, 2008 09:49 PM

Breakfast- austin texas

I am getting married in austin and need places to have a breakfast- something tasty and inexpensive would be nice. Also a buffet of a sort would rock! we are staying in the downtown area any suggestions would be helpful and if it tasty a tiny drive would be fine.

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  1. Juan in a Million is close to downtown and has a nice little house that would probably work for your group.

    1. Las Manitas on Congress is a fave of mine.

      1. Congratulations!
        On Sunday there are above average brunch buffets downtown at Moonshine ($15), Lamberts ($25), Trio ($50)
        Average buffets may be available at Hickory Street, Omni Hotel and "Eighteenth Over Austin" (Hilton Garden Inn) and other Hotels.

        For Downtown Non Buffet Breakfasts consider: Driskill, Las Manitas, Austin Java, Katz' Deli.

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          I second the Moonshine Sunday Brunch. You get the most bang for your buck here verses any other downtown Sunday brunch. You should go there first and check it out. Not only is the selection outstanding but the food is fantastic.

        2. Another place close to downtown has a splendid Sunday brunch: East Side Cafe (also the best salads in town, IMHO).

          1. Threadgill's south of the river has a good brunch on Sunday, sometimes with a gospel choir.