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Jul 8, 2008 09:33 PM

Very Short ABQ trip report

The 3 week trip wasn't short, just the restaurant exploration time... Too much work, too little time. First stop as always was Cafe Dalat Vietnamese, as good as any Viet restaurant we've found in the SW. The Lime Beef appetizer is unique and oh so good with the caramelized onions.

Our new find, and bright spot was Taj Palace on Eubank near Constitution. We went twice (it was so good we didn't believe our own taste buds after the first visit.) We went at lunchtime and chose the buffet over ordering off the menu. Normally I don't expect much from a buffet but Taj Palace's fare is shout-it-from-the-rooftops good. The selection is > average size with everything spiced just right, especially the tandoori chicken, best I've had anywhere. You can taste the smoke, citrus and complex spices and the chicken pieces were tender and moist. Good service and gracious hosts as well.

The lone disappointment was a relatively new BBQ called Porky's Pride, up Juan Tabo in the corner of a strip mall next to an Albertsons. Nothing was bad, just flat, save possibly for the interesting potato salad. The cole slaw was grocery store fare, and the beans were sort of a knock-off of the 3 bean recipe used by Joe's in Gilbert but once again tasted flat. The hot links were....well, flat... as was the watery flat sauce (there I said it again). The brisquet and chopped pork were mildly smoked but... I won't use the F word again. In fairness the meat was fine, no evidence of being steamed.

We hit a handful of New Mex restaurants along the way including one Seferinos that moved into Perea's old location on Central near the fairground. Breakfast was solid and plentiful; red and green were both quite mild. Route 66 Malt Shop (not the diner) was good for a blue-cheese chile cheeseburger and a rootbear. Lastly was a tasty litle Thai buffet on 4th St, Thai Basil I believe. Pretty good selection and decent food was found there.

As always we're looking forward to our next visit to the Duke City.

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  1. Perea's "old" location?

    Did they move or go away?

    A fave for sure, including the #1 refrieds on my list.

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      As someone who'll be heading through ABQ next month, I'd like to know if Perea's still exists, too!

      1. re: dustchick

        Perea's moved quite a bit farther east on Central. It's at 9901 Central NE now. A little nicer place but with pretty much the same vibe as the old place.

      1. re: GuyOutWest

        By all means give Porky's a try; you might like it. I rarely read other reviews so as not to color my perception unless it is a restaruant we were tipped off about and this wasnt. just wandered around and found it. I suppose I could have been having a bad tastebud day too.. Too much Vodka the night before can do that to you. Opinions are like tastbuds everybody's got one.. We've been fortunate enough to have tried a lot of very famous bbq around the country. A treasure you have are a group of bbqers and balloonists that make some wickedly good ribs and other bbq. They do cater at the moment. There rubs have green chile powder in them among other things. I only know one of the guys reaonable well, Harry Wilson,and might tell where the are catering o you can sneak into the parties.
        and unless they just were just having a bad day we wont be going back. Next time we're trying Mad Max' in Rio Rancho. There is a group of balloonist in Rio Ranche who do BBQ on the side but I can't rember their group name at the moment. They do catering and have worked together on ribs, some of which they make rubs with green powder. If Harry Wilson and friends do fullfil their dream of having a local BBQ joint you will have a very good one. But atfer all that I can't say much mor about Porky's than eh...sorry.