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Jul 8, 2008 08:58 PM

Recap of where we ate last weekend

Thanks for the suggestions for our Chicago trip. Just my opinion on some of the places we hit. I have to say overall, the service was really good. Very friendly. Went to Gino's East just to see what the fuss was about. Don't know after going. We waited an hour to find the place 1/2 empty on Fri afternoon. Then the pizza just tasted dry and burned out. I imagined cornbread crust to be softer. Oh well. I wondered to myself if they just keep up the "wait" for the publicity and to make you order appetizers. It worked. But disappointing. Next day at Lou Malnati's was much better. Good service, much quicker and better tasting in my opinion. The Lou pizza tasted very flavorful. We also went to Heaven on Seven despite the mixed reviews I saw. Went to the Mag Mile location. We enjoyed it a lot. The coconut cake and gumbo were my favorite parts. Waitress was friendly and recommended Bandera when we asked for a place to relax with live music in background. We went for a dinner and enjoyed the jazz trio very much. Had a very nice burger and my SO enjoyed his sausage dish. I enjoyed the atmosphere and food at Old Jerusalem in Old Town after the Second City show. Would go back to try a whole meal v. the falafel sandwich I got. We went to Cafe Iberico with relatives. I didn't find the paella that flavorful but my cousin liked his beef steak dish a lot. Thanks for all the tips. Much more to try on my next trip!

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  1. whoops--one more place. Eno in the Intercontinental Chicago place for late night dessert and wine. Pricey but fun to do once. Service was ok. Got the feeling the well-heeled folks were treated a little nicer even though we were in pants and shirts :) But that's ok because we had an enjoyable evening relaxing in the comfy chairs and learning about what we were eating and drinking. Would go back.

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      Timely report as I will be visiting Chicago soon & some of the restos you mentioned are on my list! What time/day did you go to Iberico and was there a wait? I was thinking either Monday or Tues. dinner around 7:00 for four of us. Also, a very close friend of mine recommended Gino's to me but now I am not so sure. For me, pizza sauce has to be flavorful (slightly tangy) as well as a good crust/toppings.