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Jul 8, 2008 08:48 PM

Greek chicken

So some of the wonderful chowhounds responded to my earlier post by suggesting Greek food. This is unexplored territory for me but I would love to make some Greek chicken to take to my FIL in his nursing home. The flavors are great when I have eaten this out but I don't know how to marinate to replicate the flavors. Please give me suggestions. Is it yogurt or lemon or lime in the marinade or possibly tahini? Any starting point would be appreciated. TIA.

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  1. The greek chicken I've had has been marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano and garlic

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      This is what I have done too, but with rosemary and thyme in addition to oregano (I used equal amount of each, fresh).

    2. I have always had some sort of bizarre mental block about getting the proper proportions of herbs for a good greek taste. I finally gave in and bought the Greek Seasoning Blend from Penzey's. It's perfect. I use it for my lamb kabobs, just mix the blend with olive oil and lemon juice, then marinate for a few hours before grilling. I use it to make kofta kebobs (I think that's what they are) by mixing the blend right into ground beef or lamb (or a combination) then forming onto a skewer and grilling. I serve both with feta, tzatziki, fresh onion and fresh tomato. For a chicken, I roast it. Sprinkle blend inside the cavity, stuff it with onion and lemon wedges, then tuck some blend under the skin and rub olive oil on the outside of the bird.

      1. In case you don't have time to marinate the chicken, here's a recipe that we've made many times from Epicurious, Greek Chicken and is essential to keep basting the chicken pieces while it roasts--really nice recipe that he may also like if potatoes are okay for him to have:

        1. "Greek Chicken" is a pretty generic description so I'd have difficulty in making any specific suggestions to directly answer your question. The Greeks do a lot of wonderful things with chicken and "Greek Chicken" can be baked, grilled, braised, or cooked in countless other ways. Here is a web site which, if you simply repeatedly search the page for "chicken", will give you a wide range of ideas.

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            Great links, Val and tadao. Plenty to help me get started. thanks everyone for the ideas!

          2. Last weekend I decided to do something sort of Greek. I marinated bone-in chicken breasts in olive oil, lemon juice, fresh mint, oregano, fresh rosemary and salt and pepper. Probably marinated them for several hours. Grilled them. They were really good.

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              Thanks to the posters who gave me some ideas, I marinated some chicken last night in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano and thyme. We will grill it up tonight as a test before we make it to share. Thank you for the ideas. Hadn't thought about adding rosemary but I could do that before I grill.