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Jul 8, 2008 08:36 PM

NYC food needs rec's

First time in DC. Staying at the Hotel Palomar in Dupont area. Will travel to all. Coming from NYC with lots of amazing food. Any sugg's would be great. Lunch, dinner? Love fresh grilled whole fish. what are some MUST rec's for DC. All rec's appreciated.

Also, going meeting my girlfriends Family for the first time. I would love to take them all( 6 people) to dinner. What is great, relaxed, good food that won't break the bank?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I think you can get whole fish at Dino, and that would be a great place to take people. It's in Cleveland Park. Another option would be up CT (you'd have to take a cab, really) to Buck's Fishing & Camping. It gets criticized for tough service, but the food can be great and it's definitely different from anything you'd find in NYC. On the newer side, check out Central and Brasserie Beck for a sense of where DC is heading culinarily.

    For lunch, I recommend stopping by Teaism - there are a few locations, so should fit into your schedule regardless. Crabcake sandwiches at CF Folks, near your hotel, are another DC standby.

    1. In the special in DC category:
      Lunch at the cafeteria at Museum of the American Indian.
      Breakfast or lunch at Market Lunch at Eastern Market.
      Ethiopian, around 9th and U NW
      Maybe a half-smoke with chili at Ben's Chili Bowl.

      You'll find lots of threads about all of those.

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        The Belgian food craze has hit DC pretty hard and there are a few good options if you are interested in that. Dr. Granville Moore's is more of a bar scene but their moules and frites are awesome. It was just highlighted on FN's Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Episode aired last night. Brasserie Beck is a great option as well and has a wider array of choices on the menu. I find both to be excellent.

        I agree with mselectra, that Eastern Market is a nice place to check out on a Saturday morning.

        If you are in the mood for Italian, Obelisk is a great option. Awesome N. Italian food. They do a tasting menu that changes daily. I think it is by far the best Italian in the city (many here will agree). It's VERY small inside so reservations are definitely needed and are worth getting three or four weeks ahead of time if you are looking to dine on a weekend night. They offer whole fish depending on the night. If you are looking for something more casual, I agree with katiecm, that Dino is a good option.

        Hank's Oyster Bar is another good local spot for fish. There are two locations (I believe). The one in Dupont Circle has a nice, laid back, neighborhood vibe to it. Blacksalt and Hook are also good options for seafood.

        I could go on and on. Is there a type of cuisine that you would like over others? That could help get you close to something you are looking for.

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          KOMI is an excellent restaurant w/ inventive, well-prepared, delicious entrees. Relaxing, attractive and enjoyable environment. I had an excellent whole fish there prepared in rock salt- This was a while back; however, and I do not know if it is still on the menu. All their food is amazing, though! Different/interesting variations of meats, pastas, fish can be found on the menu.

      2. Queen Makeda or Etete for Ethiopian food. Across the street from each other in Little Ethiopia, 9th and U St. , NW At Etete, get the derek tibs and the fastening food platter. Add the fish if available. At QM, go for the yebeg alicha, red lentils, gored gored (I like mine cooked a bit).