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Jul 8, 2008 07:26 PM

Suggestions on cafes and restaurants in North Berkeley/berkeley Hills area

Just joined Chowhound so I'm not too sure if this kind of general post and query is encouraged. But here goes. We're Australians who like good food and wine will be spending six months at CAL and will be living in Santa Barbara Rd near Marin Avenue. I don't know this area at all. Any suggestions on good places to eat within reasonable walking distance or that can be reached by bus in 10-15 minutes? We will be trying to avoid driving (but may not be successful!). We'll be grateful for any help and tips.

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  1. Cafe Meridian on Colusa Circle is very nice for brunch or dinner--walk straight down Marin to Solano, down one more block to Colusa, turn R and head on out to the Circle--a good walk. Inn Kensington is nice too--to fountain and then R on Arlington. At the top of Solano Ave, an easy walk, is Jerusalem Organic Kitchen for tasty and inexpensive Middle Eastern. Cactus is just a bit further for Mexican, but I prefer Taqueria Talavera, further down Solano. (Actually, Solano is rife with acceptable and more than acceptable restaurants, not that long a walk from where you live: Rivoli--reservations, expensive, upscale, Curry Cafe--cheap Pakistani, Khana Peena and Ajanta, not as cheap Indian, down near the bottom China Village for great Szechuan.) If you walk down Marin to the fountain and then down fountain walk to Henry and continue on, Henry becomes Shattuck and you can reach Cesar easily for small plates and a great hangout for drinks. Chez Panisse is right near as is the Epicurious Garden (mixed reviews) and Saul's really not very good deli. But Masse's pastries are wonderful (right near the Black Oak Bookstore) and the CheeseBoard has great breads and cheese. More?

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      Also on Colusa Circle is Kensington Circus, a British pub. Decent fish and chips and family friendly.

    2. Uh, for some reason my reply doesn't show up. For great produce, walk down Marin to Colusa, make a L (cross Marin CAUTIOUSLY) go to Hopkins and make a R to the Monterey Market. Also, Gioia, my favorite pizza is there. Pretty much eat-out only. Also a fish market there.

      1. You are in a short bus ride away from almost everything good in Berkeley.

        In that Google map the streets you want to pay attention to are Solano, Hopkins and Shattuck.

        Shattuck will take you to the Gourmet Ghetto, home of Chez Panisse. There is an excellent cheeseshop called The Cheeseboard which also has a great California Pizza shop. Gregoire is another very good stop in this area.

        Solano has a ton of good restaurants. Click on links for websites and more info

        Of those some good choices
        Ajanta (Cal-Indian), China Village (one of the best Chinese restaurants), Vanessa's Bistro (Cal-Vietnames), Fonda (great Spanish/Mexican small plates), Sunnyside Cafe (great breakfast), Lola's (great take-out roast chicken and desserts), Rivoli (Cal-Med


        La Farine is a good bakery on that street. Some of these places are further down San Pablo than others.

        Colusa takes you to Kensington which some nice small restaurants and Semifreddi bakery

        Hopkins takes you to the area around Monterrey Market, a very good produce market. There's a great fish market there. Further down is Lalimes (cal-cuisine), and Berkeley Bagel.

        Other areas near you that you should look into with a car ... San Pablo Avenue, Fourth Street, College Avenue, Pacific East Mall, Berkeley Bowl (great market), the Berkeley Farmers markets (Tues, Thurs & Fri).

        If you miss Australian food you can go down Telegraph where a fellow Australian runs Bakesale Betty's. She makes great lamingtons and sticky date pudditng.

        In SF, chef, Luke Mangan, owner of Glass Brasserie in Sydney opened South Food and Wine Bar.

        So many great places. Hope you post as you discover and try new places.

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          The coffee place across from Monterey Market has decent enough omelettes & scrambles, also the soup is often good (ymmv). It's a hangout.


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              but the pizza right at Gioia is good imo.

              Gioia Pizzeria
              1586 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707

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              That's Espresso Roma. They have a few other cafes too including the French Hotel Cafe next across from Chez Panisse. In the 90's it was one of my favorte places for a latte. The milk was so rich. They always had great fresh-squeezed juice.

              I was wondering about the breakfast food at the Hopkins location. They carry cheese puffs from FatApples and some Acme baked goods.

            3. I live about three blocks's a lovely, lovely neighborhood but not great for walking unless you're in very good shape. Extremely steep terrain -- uphill on the way home. Just so you know that.
              Otherwise, these are all great suggestions, and basically anything you see on Chowhound described as being on or near Solano Avenue is nearby.

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                Also, your experience may vary but on my block, the narrowness of the street means that longtime locals are accustomed to parking their cars halfway up on the sidewalk.... forcing the pedestrians to take their chances in the middle of the street. The bus service is pretty decent though, either on Spruce or Euclid.

              2. Forget walking down Marin to get to Solano. Walk down Indian Rock to the rock and take the path on the right straight down to the head of Solano.

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                  That would be lovely but crossing Arlington can be suicidal. People whip around it and it's hard to see a pedestrian coming up the little steps. Not much margin for error.

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                    There are 3 clearly marked crosswalks in a row. Indian Rock Walk is in the middle. The sight lines are clear. Look both ways before you cross. With the little margin for error mentality I would never cross the street in San Francisco, even at a light.

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                      Well, there is an advantage in no MUNI drivers.