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Jul 8, 2008 07:12 PM

Nice kosher LI wedding venue with a minimum of 250 people or fewer?

To preface, we have visited Crest Hollow and are interested there, and we're going to be visiting some of the shuls, including Sephardic Temple, Shelter Rock Jewish Center, and Great Neck Synagogue. The venue doesn't have to do only kosher things (c.f. Crest Hollow), but we need kosher food available. We're trying to keep the budget for the hall and food to $100pp or less, before service and tax, which most if not all of the above will do.

If anyone knows of any other places (we're thinking of a wedding size of 250-300), please let us know!

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  1. Try the Sands in Atlantic Beach

    1. I think that the Sephardic Temple was more than $100pp when I looked there less than a year ago. Shelter Rock doesnt do tastings but should be in your price range.--If you want to taste their food, get yourself invited to an affair there. Also, you may want to try Temple Bnai Sholom in Rockville Centre, I think they will fit into your budget.

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        Sephardic was quoting $100 to me, for a lunchtime venue.

        We think that we've settled in on Shelter Rock- nice place, very business-like, the decor, while very pretty, isn't as heavy as GNS's and the stuff we've heard about Crest Hollow tends to be a bit offputting. Shelter Rock was also willing to give us a lot of options. We mentioned a date that we liked (a Sunday), and they offered not only the standard evening and afternoon options, but also: twilight (much more expensive, but basically pick your own starting time), the prior sunday (father's day, which is apparently less expensive), and the following Thursday (July 2nd; most people will have July 3rd off from work, since the 4th is Saturday), which would of course be still cheaper. No one else thought to mention those options and prices.