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Jul 8, 2008 07:07 PM

how long can you keep chicken stock?

SImple question: I boiled some chicken breasts and saved the liquid as a mild chicken stock. How long can this stock keep, refrigerated?

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  1. Personally, I would plan to use it within 3-4 days, otherwise freeze it with any fat on top left on it, and use within a month or so. That's what I am comfortable with, I'm not a food expert.

    1. In my experience, a typical chix stock will keep 5-7 days, maybe a few more if it is concentrated enough to gel slightly when chilled. Generally speaking, the saltier it is and/or the more it is reduced, the longer it keeps. Also, instead of skimming the fat, let it chill with a good layer of fat on it, which forms a layer that protects it from refrigerator odors and helps it keep longer as well.

      1. You will know when to throw it out. It will develop a sour smell. This will happen in a heart beat.

        1. Well, if you are Ruth Lafler, (I think it was her, and sorry if I'm misspelling your last name. . .) you can keep it for months! :) Granted, it was turkey stock, in her case, but I remember reading a post from her saying that she (inadvertently) kept turkey stock in the fridge for months, made something with it, which tasted fine.

          1. Stock in the freezer will last forever. But water from boiling breasts would not be worth freezer space. Use it within the week.

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              I'm with Sam on this one. Boiled breast-water (in my experience) has too little flavour to be worth freezing.