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Jul 8, 2008 07:06 PM

Hell's Kitchen Winner - Chef or Sous Chef? spoiler

So, Christina takes it. The question I have: Is she the chef or executive sous chef. GR was on RR the other day [I only watched because he was on] and he said the winner would be executive SOUS chef of his place. On Hells' Kitchen he says executive chef. Which, do you know?
PS I figured Christina would win so that he could "mold her".

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  1. And I've read the winner is a "senior chef". Even tho GR says "my executive chef" throughout the show - we've already SEEN his executive chefs in last week's episode, including who Christina will be reporting to. Even she said it was nerve-wracking to be cooking for someone who could be her boss (the EC of London-West Hollywood).

    1. boy, "chefs" are proliferating like VPs in banking.

      1. To think, you can go to culnary school then become an "exec chef" making a quarter mil in three years. Yowsah.

        Tell me this isn't going to send out weird signals to the younger ones who already think they can go to cooking school and come up a celeb chef the next day. Oh boy!

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          *NONE* of the winners have gotten the EC title - they've all be senior sous chef or "senior chef" - but NONE have been "executive chef", despite what GR has said on the show. Someone else on another thread about the HK finale said GR didn't use the EC term on some talk show - he used another term - but definitely not heading up the kitchen.

          And quite frankly, if any "younger ones" actually think that this is going to happen to them after they graduate from whatever culinary school they attend, they deserve the rude awakening to the real world. Talk about entitlement gone bananas!

        2. I don't think it's really about 'molding' . After all how many stick around after their year is up?

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          1. re: Withnail42

            Yeah, I've been thinking one, who might want to stick around for more than a year when they can now go do their dream. And second, who knows how much the television show might kick in for the salary, if ya know what I mean.

            1. re: HarryK

              Third, who knows if they're *invited* to stick around after the year is up?

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Well, according to Wikipedia, none of them have stuck around. Season 1 winner was offered a position by GR (I am assuming after his year was up) but declined it, and Rock is still working at the resort, but in a different capacity.

                1. re: maisonbistro

                  I thought HK1 winner declined the offer of a restaurant job working in a Ramsay kitchen from the very beginning - he would have had to move to London, and his wife didn't want to go. So he just got the money. He originally accepted it, but later declined the offer to work in a London Ramsay restaurant.


                  Epilogue: "Winner Michael Wray's original plan was go to the UK to learn under Ramsay, but as a newlywed, and with he and his wife wanting to start a family, he decided it was the wrong time to move. In the meantime, he has started a custom chef's knives company, Skull and Cleavers. He is currently the Executive Head Chef at The Standard in Los Angeles, California. "

                  (I'm not sure if he's still at The Standard)