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Jul 8, 2008 07:06 PM

Promise vs. experience on Hell's Kitchen [Spoilers]

Do you agree with Gordon's choice?

Considering that none of the previous winners are still at their "won" post, does promise really mean anything? Not sure.

Both Petrozza and Christina seemed flustered at times, and both had "issues" with teammates - I'm not sure who I would have picked.

I do think that out of all the seasons' winners Christina probably does show the most promise.

Gordon, lay off the tanning beds with the little glasses- I've told you before, in some shots you have raccoon eyes and look like a bufoon. I still love ya though.

See you guys when Hell's Kitchen 5 starts!!

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  1. Going by the television edits I would have gone with Petrozza, especially for his better menu. However, seeing Christina handle Matt is no small feat. I figured her youth also put her on top as well. Although I'm not sure I understand Ramsay's comment on her "promise" considering Petrozza showed he could learn and adapt as well. But like I always say I can only go by what the editor leaves on the tape,

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      I feel sorry for Petrozza. Ramsey is looking for a buzz and who would you rather look at at Petrozza or Christina? The job means very little , she won't last more than a year, but the $250,000 payout is the real prize.

    2. Yes, I agree with his choice. I kind of expected it....the seasons have gone boy/girl/boy for the winners, so I expected Christina to win. Plus, I think the "promise" you speak of in your title is something that Chef Ramsay's staff can build on in London-West Hollywood.

      And I think if Christina had gotten stuck with Jen, Jen would have done even worse than she did for Petrozza. Jen continuing to say "I don't know what Chef was thinking not putting me in the Final 2!" Boy, talk about sabotage - I cannot see anyone wanting to have worked for her if she DID make it in the Final 2! And yet again - that puss on her face, all bent out of shape, because she was pissed she wasn't there. She really must not have *any* clue that potential employers would look at her attitude all season and say "yeah, I'm going to pass on dealing with that!"

      I thought Christina did a great job of boosting up Matt's self-esteem after he was last picked by saying she counted on him to make his great risotto (didn't he only do that once? LOL) But no surprise that he screwed it up on some of the stuff he had to cook. WTH is with him mouthing off? Both Jen and Matt are just complete idiots.

      1. Am I wrong in thinking that the prize money isn't given in cash, rather invested into Ramsay's restaurant project to make them a partner??
        I thought this is what he said on Rachel Ray this morning..

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. i am disgusted with chef ramsay's decision. and the fact that he made the comment that he was "looking for the long-term". that smacks of ageism. i am 47 as petrozza is--i will no longer watch this show, or patronize his restaurants.

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              I'm 46. While I respect your view boy do I ever dissagree. Petrozza is an old dog that can't seem to learn a new trick and he works like a slob. He may be a great guy that every one likes but he did not handle his crew at all. Christina did a much better job. Consider the way Christina manged Mattie the moron Vs how P let Jen run him. While Christina had a couple of plates returned P never preped properly (did you see that scribbled mess he suggested posting on the fridge?) and becuase he failed to prep they ran out of two dishes!
              Christina won fair and square. She is straight out of culinary school and has far more potential based on the way she has progressed in the course of the show.
              However I do agree that P's menu was light years ahead of Christinas.
              The souffles looked perfect.