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Jul 8, 2008 06:15 PM

Need Wickford Recs please...

I'm going to Wickford this weekend and would like to have lobster or clams with a water view. Last year, I went to Evelyn's a short drive away and was disappointed. The clams were rubbery. We'd like to stay right around Wickford if possible. Thanks.

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  1. The only dining style restaurant in Wickford with a waterview is the Tavern by the Sea. Nothing to right home about but they do have seafood and it is a beautiful setting with outdoor seating as well.

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    1. re: Sean

      Thanks Sean. I looked at their menu and they didn't have much in the way of seafood...surprising seeing that they're on the water. Has anyone heard of Harborside Lobstermania in Greenwich(sp?)?

      1. re: catsmeow

        Ew - Harborside is HORRID. Service & food are both terrible. If you're going to head down to EG, I'd suggest Table 28 instead (although I don't recall what they have for seafood....I had pasta last time I was there).

        You are really just a stone's throw from Jamestown, Newport, Narragansett, so I'd head there.

    2. What's the story with the Wickford Gourmet, are they still closed??

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      1. re: bewley

        Yes, unfortunately, looks like somthing else is going into the space...

      2. Take a short ride to Jamestown or Narragansett, where you can find plenty of seafood and water views. In Narragansett, Turtle Soup and the Coast Guard House have great views and seafood on the menu. The food at turtle Soup is usually pretty good. I'm not sure about the Coast Guard House. It's had it's ups and downs.

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        1. re: Betty Boop

          Thinking about it, both Turtle Soup and the Coast Guard House usually have clams, mussels, and scallops on their menus, but neither can be couted on to have whole lobsters, so you would need to call ahead to see what they are serving. If I wanted to be sure to have clams and lobsters in Narragansett, I would go to Champlins or Aunt Carrie's, which are actually a little further from Wickford. Wherever you go, especially on a summer weekend, start early so you don't have to wait forever for a table.

          1. re: Betty Boop

            It's worth an extra 15 mins on the road to go to Champlins, IMO. That's where I'd recommend.

            Catsmeow, please at least take the time to drive through/around's one of the prettiest places in RI.

        2. I can't give you one in wickford or NK. Go to Jamestown, it's close. Harborside is truly awful.

          1. We go to Wickford a few times each summer because my daughter goes to camp nearby. We often have lunch at Tavern on the Water. I did like the lobster salad plate. It's not a destination place for me in terms of the food, but I think the setting makes the meal seem better there than the same food may seem elsewhere. There are a couple of places in Naragansett we like (Marko's, Crazy Burger), but they don't meet either of your criteria.

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            1. re: AnnieP

              Oh wow - I'm reading all these reviews here on how awful Harbourside is (which I agree, though I haven't been in a while) and just this week the ProJo gave it a fantastic review! LOL! After I read the review, I thought I was missing something or remembered the wrong restaurant! Glad to hear it's the same 'awful one'.