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Jul 8, 2008 06:01 PM

For you soda connoisseurs...

A few years ago, in the states, I had some Henry Weinhards Black Cherry Cream Soda. Amazing stuff. Can't find anything like it up here. So... does anyone know of a place up here (Edmonton would be great, but anywhere in Canada would do) where I can get the stuff? Alternately, are there other brands that have a similar flavour, or places that will ship to Canada without costing an arm and a leg?

Thank you kindly.

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  1. How about:

    (I just Googled it...the selection of soft drinks is amazing. They seem to be based out of Winnipeg.)

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    1. I know that Jones and Stewart's both make Black Cherry soda. Don't know how they compare with HW.

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        Not as good, in my opinion. HW's adds a bit of vanilla/cream flavour to theirs. A small touch, but it really separates them from the others. To be honest, though, I haven't had Jones in quite a while.

      2. Have you tried Pop Shoppe Pop? They have both Black Cherry and Cream Soda (not combined unfortunately) both of which I really like and I rarely drink pop. It might be worth checking out: I did a quick search and there appear to be a bunch of London Drugs stores in Edmonton that carry it.

        HTH :)

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          I was thinking of the Pop Shoppe pop I had from London Drugs recently myself when I saw the original posting. I had the Cream Soda and Lime Ricky and was happy with both. The flavours weren't deep and nuanced, but they sure seemed like they did in the original 1970s form - simple and good. Plus, the soda isn't overcharged with carbon dioxide, which just makes it acidic and burpy.

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            Oh yeah, I forgot about Pop Shoppe. I think their pineapple is divine, and I'm not a pop drinker either.

          2. I am totally addicted to the A & W vanilla cream soda in the US, we brought back 6 (12) packs.

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            1. re: kritafo

              Oh my gosh, I have a friend with the same addiction! How did you bring it back? I'll be going to Hawaii next month and wouldn't mind carting some for her but you can't take it onboard and I'd be afraid it would rupture in checked baggage.

              1. re: Jasz

                I always take extra luggage with me... and I use older luggage that I don't care about so much for questionable items. Any of the open cans we put into the huge ziplocks . Not one issue.

                I use this method for packing as well. I put all my shampoos into ziplocks not the zippered slide ones, they ones with the double seals.

            2. I recently discovered that the London Drugs in Sherwood Park carries Pop Shoppe pop! I checked the Oliver Square location though, and they didn't have any. Glad I didn't go there yesterday anyway, after watching the news! I love the cream soda they carry!