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Jul 8, 2008 05:56 PM

Hungry Cat for Saturday lunch

I'm thinking of going to the Hungry Cat for lunch this saturday, around 12:30 PM. I've never been. I'm wondering 1) is making reservations is necessary, or if a party of 2 can just walk and get a table at that time, and 2) what you recommend off the brunch or lunch menu (I guess it's brunch since it's the weekend). Thanks!

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  1. Make reservations. Although now that they've expanded, you may be able to score a table for 2 or eat at the bar. The drinks are delicious - cucumber martinis esp.

    1. I haven't been in a while so I haven't tried their latest take on eggs benedict, but both previous versions were outstanding.

      1. Thanks for the info and the recs so far! I called and had no trouble making a reservation for this Sat.

        1. I had lunch there this past Saturday. Walked in at noon and the restaurant was half empty but filled up by 2pm. You won't need a reservation at 12.30.

          My companion and I ordered a couple of their fantastic bloody marys, spicy for him and regular for me. Both were made with freshly juiced heirloom tomatoes and were packed with flavor. At HC they pickle their own baby vegetables for the garnishes and our drinks came adorned with pickled baby asparagus and sweet peppers. With our meal I had a greyhound made with organic grapefruit squeezed on the spot and he had a ginger mint lemonade with vodka.

          I had the kanpachi gazpacho to start, wonderful and refreshing. Companion had the swordfish ceviche which was more similar to sashimi in preparation. Very fresh and delicious, topped with ginger and jalapeno slices. I followed with the lobster roll, delicious as always and a few dollars cheaper than the dinner version. It came with a MOUND of fries, really more than any human being could be expected to consume in one sitting. He had the crab cake benedict, two panko crusted lump crabcakes (no filler, just lovely unadulterated lump crabmeat) topped with thick bacon, perfectly poached eggs, a light hollandaise and crispy fried cavalo nero. As a whole I felt that the crab dish was very good but a tad rich for our first meal of the day.

          We finished with an order of their vanilla beignets with chocolate sauce. These are fried to order and arrived hot and crispy out of the fryer, not at all greasy and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Highly recommended.

          Throughout the meal the service was excellent. I'm always impressed by the standard of service at HC, especially on extremely busy evenings and days like their annual crabfest.

          Hungry Cat is one of my favorite brunch spots and I regularly drive across town on weekends to eat there. Enjoy your meal!

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            That sounds amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your review. I was eyeing many of the things you ordered on the online menu, and now that I have your positive review I think we are going to copy your meal entirely and order the exact same things you and your companion ordered. :)

            1. re: Nicole

              You can't go wrong! Everything was fabulous. Just to confuse you a little, they also had some wonderful sounding specials. One of them was an heirloom tomato and watermelon salad which seemed perfect for our current hot weather. The other was a crispy fried softshell crab enveloped in a fluffy herb omelette. HC's softshell crab is stellar, I had it in a sandwich as part of the Crabfest menu. If they offer it again as a special when I am there next I'll be sure to try it.

              Have a great meal and please report back!

              1. re: hrhboo

                I had the watermelon salad last week. It was delicious and perfect for the weather. It was on the menu and not a special. It had watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, feta, and maybe basil or mint. The most sweet watermelon I've had all season! I've rarely had a bad item at the HC.

            2. re: hrhboo

              Just a note...The lobster roll is not on the dinner menu. I think I may have seen it when the restaurant first opened but it's been off the dinner menu for at least the past 1.5 years.

              1. re: love2eat

                I had it for dinner earlier this year, it was priced at $27. I think it's been relegated to the lunch menu now.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  I thought it was even a special on the lunch menu (as in, not always there).

            3. OP reporting back! We had a very nice lunch at the Hungry Cat today. For an appetizer, we shared a raw yellowtail dish with stone fruit. This was a flavorful and well-balanced dish...the fish was in some kind of salty and spicy oil that was well complemented by the sweet fruit. While the flavor profile was great, the texture of the yellowtail was a bit stringy and not as buttery as I would like. Then I had the lobster roll, which was great. The bread was nice and buttery, and the lobster was flavorful...the sauce looked mayonaisey but actually tasted more light and lemony and did a nice job of bringing out the lobster flavor. It was served with a humongous pile of well-seasoned fries. My husband had the crab cake eggs benedict. Fresh crab, egg yolk, and smoky bacon combined to make a delicious dish. The only con to this dish was that it was very salty, which was a bit much over time. We agreed that the first bite or two of the crab cake was better than the first bite or two of the lobster roll, but that the crab cake got a little overwhelming over time due to the saltiness. We would have liked to have tried cocktails and dessert, but we were going straight from lunch to the L.A. Wine Fest and needed to save room. I'll look forward to returning in the future so that we can try more things.