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Jul 8, 2008 05:47 PM

Tijuana Flats

Started in Orlando area, according to website and is spreading out. Has a "slap my ass and call me Sally" hot sauce. Anyone tried the place?

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  1. Tried it for the first time last week and loved it! Food is very fresh - great hard tacos, and enchiladas - and the hot sauce bar is awesome! I wish we had a chain in NY. Just watch out for the sauces with a "Death Wish" label over them! They're not kidding!

    1. It's very Americanized Mexican. If you don't need your Mexican to be too authentic, my local one is a good option for a quick counter service meal. Beans are made from scratch on site and they cook them with vegetable oil, everything else seems fresh, they offer whole wheat tortillas for no extra charge, and you can come up with anything from a relatively healthy meal to a total greasefest depending on your mood.

      Local employees are normally both pleasant and competent, and the franchise owner does a lot of charity stuff for the community.

      Only thing I haven't liked is their salsa, but I usually get the beans & rice combo deal and skip the chips. I like the hot sauces I've tried there, but generally stick to the milder offerings.

      1. I tried it earlier this year while visiting my folks. My dad loves the place and he usually is not an enthusiastic type of guy. For a casual step above fast food option I felt they did quite well. Food fresh, tasty, ample portions and able to customize somewhat. Order at counter, delivered to table. Servers friendly, accommodating and happy to bring extra sauce, drinks, etc. Hot sauce selection seems to be a very big draw. Price seemed reasonable.

        I'd go back (probably will if my father has anything to say about it)!

        1. The one here is college-kid hang out generic "mexican". I avert my eyes when we drive past, I just don't think it's good. I enjoyed an 89cent Taco Bell double cheesy beefy burrito I had WAAAAAAAAY more than the few times I choked down a few bites from TF's. Husband goes with the guys from work for a quick lunch, he's brought home Slap my Ass and Call me Santa sauce-sold as an Xmas thing and they donate $$ to a charity (I think).

          1. I got to try it when I was visiting a friend in Orlando. I had a quesadilla...thought it was rather odd that there was lettuce involved, but otherwise I thought it was good. I had the black beans and they were VERY good, as well as the salsa. It made a good first impression on me and I'd definitely go back, given a chance.