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Jul 8, 2008 05:45 PM

Vegas Brunch - which one?

DH and I will be in Vegas for our wedding anniversary in a few months. Looking for a great Sunday brunch - figure we'll get there about noon. I've been to Sterling and Paris. Thinking of Zefferino's, or are Wynn and Bellagio that much better?

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  1. My two favorites for brunch are Verrandah and Tableau. Apparently Tableau will be closing soon when the Encore opens. Their short rib and eggs is absolutely amazing. Real nice setting as well.

    1. Sorry to throw a question back at you, but how was the Sterling Brunch at Bally's? Is it everything they say? I'm curious about the wait to get in (even with reservations) where they sit you, and whether to go strictly for the champagne, lobster and other specialties and not even waste my time on the eggs and waffles?

      I have been to Tableau for brunch and it was very nice. I have never been to Verandah but I hear that's fantastic. It does not get bad reviews. Otherwise, I'd say Wynn over Bellagio, however the wait to get into Wynn could negate any joy you get out of the meal. No one should have to stand for 1+ hours. Zefferino's is good since not too many people know about their brunch. You will get more individualized service there. I thought it was nice, but close in price to the Sterling, which is why I'm considering that one for my next trip. I don't like to repeat. There are too many places to try.

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        I have not had brunch at Zefferino but have had both lunch and dinner which were both very good. I don't think that Zefferino is as good as Enoteca San Marco which is right down the "canal". I'd be interested to hear your report of brunch at Zefferino. The service at Zefferino was very personalized on my visits there.

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          The food was pretty good, not necessarily amazing, although I'm sure my girlfriends and I got more than our money's worth based just on the amount of caviar we ate. It ended up being quite an experience though, as a gentleman at the next table took some interest in us (all married moms), sent us sambuccas to drink, and when we asked the waiter for our check, he told us the other table had taken care of it!

          Should have replied to grimaldi, sorry.