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Jul 8, 2008 05:21 PM

Drinks Near Blue Hill (W. Vill.)

Anyone have a suggestion for a good bar nearby to get a pre-dinner drink? We're looking for either really good draft beer or classic cocktails (to be determined), so any suggestions would be appreciated (for either). Many thanks.

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  1. Check out Vol de Nuit on W. 4th St. between 6th Ave. and MacDougal. They have an extensive selection of Belgian beers, many on draft. I'm no beer connessieur, but I've particularly enjoyed their Leffe Blond and Le Chouffe. If you go on the early side, it's pretty mellow; later on, it can get a little raucous.

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      Great suggestion for draft beers - closer than what I was going to suggest: Blind Tiger Ale House on Bleecker and 7th Ave So.

      If you decide on classic cocktails, Pegu, on the south side of Houston, between LaGuardia Place and Wooster, might work well for you. It's upstairs (I think above an Emack & Bolio's); the entrance is just next to the outdoor patio of Dos Caminos

    2. All the ideas mentioned so far are great. I'll throw in Little Branch if you opt for classic cocktails.