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Jul 8, 2008 04:48 PM

Quinoa - New Jfood Favorite

Jfood knows that many of you will view this as a big ho-hum, but jfood tried a quinoa salad from his produce store and thought it was fantastic. Following week served to some guests and they all licked their plates. Then major disappointment. The chef at the grocer moved onto bulghur (also very good). So jfood decided to buy some uncooked quinoa, look for some recipes and make some.

This was his first attempt and this the recipe he used

Major fantastic. He did substitute red for green peppers and lightened up on the oil a bit, plus he grilled the corn. Really good stuf with just a little kick from the Jalepeno.

So are there other favorites from the CH posters for recipes.


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  1. Quinoa is wonderful - I've just been rediscovering it since Flexitarian was COTM and I loaded up on it. Tonight we had phyllo wrapped sauteed quinoa with lamb and various herbs, mushrooms etc. Will post more about it.

    There are lots of ideas here;

    The one I made from Flexitarian:

    I did buy some red quinoa, but haven't used it yet.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Quinoa wrapped in filo - sounds intriguing.

    2. that's a classic quinoa salad. yum.

      welcome to the wonderful world of quinoa! it's one of my favorite foods. i know we've had many discussions about it, so you might want to do a board search.

      in the meantime, here's one of my favorites. sorry there aren't any proportions, but it's one of those instinctual dishes i just do by sight & taste...

      fold into cooked quinoa: toasted pine nuts, chopped dried apricots, currants, sliced green onions, chopped fresh mint & parsley. season to taste with S&P, and toss with just enough minted yogurt dressing to moisten...

      minted citrus yogurt dressing:

      1 cup plain, nonfat greek yogurt [or regular nonfat yogurt drained for at least 4-6 hours]
      1 tbsp agave nectar [or honey]
      1 tsp fresh lemon, lime, or orange juice
      2 tbsp fresh, mint finely chopped

      combine all ingredients thoroughly, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

      btw, seeing as it's apricot season, i might actually use fresh ones instead of dried right now...and fresh figs could be another option.

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I do one with mint as well, but a little spicy. It's got onion, white raisins and pine nuts, chopped mint of course, and a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil with a squirt of harissa and some toasted caraway seeds. Simple and delish.

        1. re: TongoRad

          sounds great. there's just something about fresh mint in the summertime - i can't get enough of it!

      2. My husband loves it cooked in coconut milk.

        1. Just chop up or cook, whatever veg is available from the market. Toss it with the cooked quinoa and your favorite vinaigrette. This is on our menu once a week. I always throw in sun-dried tomatoes and chopped olives. Beyond that, anything goes.

          1. google Bolivian foods; a national grain.