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Jul 8, 2008 04:42 PM

El Dorado Hills, CA - Happy Hour?

Hi everyone!

I just recently moved to El Dorado Hills, CA from Los Angeles and I am completely lost in the restaurant scene! One of my favorite things to do is to go to a happy hour because you usually get amazing food and drinks for affordable prices! I was wondering if any local chowhounds could give me some advice about what restaurants to check out for a great happy hour, thanks!

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  1. Also, if anyone knows of any restaurants in the area open late (like past 10pm) please let me know as well, thank you!!!

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      Avo: You are deep in the heart of the burbs, nothing stays open past 10:00. In fact you'd be lucky to see anything open past 9:00. People go to bed early, it's called a bedroom community.

      1. re: PeterL

        So true....Folsom is just down the hill. BJ's can be fun. The Elephant bar....(not in folsom, but Citrus Heights)...UUUmmmm. There are some really nice places in EDH they just don't stay open very late....
        You'll adjust :)

      2. re: Avocadobunny

        Il Forno in Gold River (just down river frm Folsum) has a great menu; don't know about happy hour, but they have a hefty wine list and are open Thurs-SAt till 11:00. Have just been for lunch; food well-prepared and tasty.

        Il Forno
        Gold River CA, Gold River, CA

      3. Wow, not sure I can tell you. Not a lot of restaurants in EDH. And in Sac, nobody puts free food out anymore for happy hour.

        There are some great happy hour places in Folsom though. On Sutter Street: (take the Folsom blvd exit off of 50)

        The Hacienda Del Rio has great margaritas, premium tequilas and a free happy hour food thing with beans and tortillas and some veggies. Some items on the menu are half price (the chicken tacos are great).

        The Folsom Hotel has food on occasion too and cheap drinks. It is the funkiest place in town for cocktails.

        Peter Yeagers has 50 beers on tap but not sure if they have happy hour food specials.

        I think BJ's has a happy hour special on food and pints. Brew pub on Riley at Highway 50.

        And food after 10? That is going to be a tough one there. Outside of downtown Sac, I cannot think of a place.

        1. Mexquite is in Folsom but just a short drive down Pleasant Valley Road in Folsom. They give you free food at Happy Hour. So does Q'bole in Old Folsom. Don't go to Hacienda. The food is disgusting.

          I'm sure Bistro 33 in the Town Centre has some happy hour specials.