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Jul 8, 2008 04:39 PM

New location for Rockenwagner/3 Square

Hans Rockenwagner is adding a retail bakery store on the Promenade in Santa Monica. It's supposed to open next Monday. This will be similar to the store on Abbot Kinney that sells his baked goods. It'll all come from the same bakery, so it'll be same quality, same choices, etc. Personally, I'm a fan of their hearty rye breads, their pretzel rolls, their cheese/bacon twists, their berliner donuts, the peanut butter & jelly cookie, and some of their seasonal tarts. And I like the food they serve at their restaurant next door, but I am not sure if that'll exist at the Promenade location.

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  1. We walked by the location on Monday. Great, another good place to go on the Third Street Promenade.

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    1. re: Ogawak

      Where exactly is it located on the promenade?

      1. re: foody

        It's on Arizona, next door to that gelato place. Consequently, it'll be easy to hang out at the farmers market on Wed/Sat and then pop in for something nice. They'll have the full bakery selection and some soups and sandwiches. The sandwiches will be different from what they have in their Abbot Kinney location, but I don't know exactly what they'll have.

    2. That's great news! Don't forget his bakery in Culver City as well. 12835 Washington Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90066. It's pretty hidden but worth the trip for the ham/cheese croissants.

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      1. re: big mouth

        Technically, the "Culver City" location is in Mar Vista (gotta represent for my little 'hood!) and I think the new location will be just off the Promenade, on Santa Monica (where the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was) but I could be wrong about that.

        1. re: recovering_vegetarian

          Technically it is in Culver City...vibe wise it is in the Mar Vista "hood"

      2. I attended the opening of the new store on the Promenade yesterday and things looked really good. This will be a casual place to pop in for a quick coffee, treat, or sandwich for lunch. They debuted some new sandwiches that are not available at the other locations and they were really good. I especially liked their corn salad with watercress and the small pretzel baguette with prosciutto and some other goodies. The service was very good and the staff seemed competent when asked to describe any of the pastries.