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Jul 8, 2008 04:31 PM

Rehearsal dinner in Stamford

My son is getting married October 25th and we are having the reception at Bank Street Events. The ceremony will be in Westport prior to the reception. We plan to put all the out of towners at the Marriott Courtyard in Stamford. We need a restaurant to have the rehearsal dinner near to that for approximately 60 people. Any suggestions? The owners of BSE suggested Telluride, Mona Lisa, Republic or Columbia Park. Thanks.

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  1. Are you looking for a specific type of cuisine? Telluride would be a nice place to have a rehearsal dinner.

    Also, check out Ferrante a couple doors down from the Marriott on Summer St.

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      1. Columbus Park is a great restaurant 2 blocks from the Marriott. If you want inexpensive, old time Italian served family style, try Pellicci's on Stillwater, a 5 minute drive. Giovanni's is an Italian steak house on the Darien border. Bennett's steak and seafood is nice and close to the Marriott. Bradford's Grill is an inexpensive burger, wings and bar. All of these have party rooms. (Mona Lisa and Republic don't have party rooms either)

        1. g/r/a/n/d a few doors down from Bank Street has a party room replete with bar upstairs. whether it will accomodate 60, not sure, but the space is sleek and kewl and a great counterpoint to the classical space for your reception.

          Never been to a catered dinner there, but their regular menu is outstanding.

          After dinner, guests can go downstairs to a real Manhattan style club.

          1. As mentioned above, Columbus Park does have a private room which accommodates up to 65 people. Food is excellent, not sure of the pricing for a private event. Another option very close to the Courtyard Marriott is Il Falco, which has a private function room upstairs - I've been to events there before. Not sure of their pricing, either.

            I think g/r/a/n/d would be good for a cocktail hour or less formal event - don't think it would be appropriate for a rehearsal dinner.

            If Columbus Park and Il Falco end up being cost prohibitive, another option might be Sabatiello's. I'm somewhat hesitant to recommend as it is not of the same caliber as the other restaurants that have been discussed, but they have large spaces for private events and I know their regular menu is at a lower price point than Columbus Park, Mona Lisa, Il Falco, et al. It's about a 5-10 minute walk from the Courtyard.