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Jul 8, 2008 04:21 PM

Good Breakfast Place in Houston????

Can someone tell me a good breakfast spot in Houston. I'm not looking for these answers: Avalon (nothing special) and the Breakfast Klub (nothing special). I'm looking for a good, hole-in-the-wall, non-chain breakfast spot. Great sausage, eggs, and hash browns is what I need. Thanks

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  1. The Coffee Grind on Washington. I like it..

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    1. re: bornie

      I think you're referring to "The Daily Grind."

      I'm done with the place. The cheese grits are worth the trip, but the people who run it have no business running a restaurant. Not enough seating and deplorable conditions by the kitchen/beverages.

      1. re: Bulldozer

        The last few times I've been by Daily Grind, they appear to be closed.

    2. For truely "hole in the wall" try Frank's Grill on Telephone. It is frequented by a get-your-hands dirty crowd that can be fussy about a real breakfast. The food is heavy and greasy but filling, but I must admit I'm not a big breakfast fan. On a little better note, you might also look at Lankford Grocery in midtown. They don't have a web link, but look at the photos on this ..

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        There is a Frank's Grill on Mangum Rd., too, but I am not crazy about the hash browns. They aren't as crispy as I like them. But the portions are HUGE!

        There is another place named Country Kitchen on 11th Street off of Ella that has become our new go-top breakfast spot. Again, portions are huge, cost is low, and they have some interesting BF specials, like catfish and 2 eggs, Steak and eggs, CFS and eggs and more. Most are under 5 bucks and you get hash browns or grits, toast or a biscuit. We went last Mon. and I got the breakfast tacos. 3 enormous tacos, loaded with eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese, and I believe the tortillas were freshly made. This cost $4.60, and I could only eat one (brought the others home!) This is also one place that actually cooks the eggs the way you ask for them!

        There's more but I have to think about it. My DH is a breakfast nut, so we go to BF often.

      2. The Tel-Wink, on Telephone and Winkler. mmm, that's good breakfast there.

        1. Tel Wink, Franks, Lankfords, Villa Arcos, Pico's. The last 2 are mexican breakfast but good nontheless.

          1. Try Rustika. There is a heavy emphasis on Mexican breakfast, but there are non-Mexican options. The pancakes are fantastic!