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Jul 8, 2008 04:09 PM

New(er) and notable in Long Beach?

Checked the prior threads on Long Beach and several are now outdated (places have closed or it's been several years since comments were posted). We've been to most of the perennial favorites (George's, Cafe Gazelle, Open Sesame (and the one across the st. I've forgotten the name of that's somewhat similar cuisine - was it Magic Lamp?), Enrique's, Frenchy's, La Creperie, Phuket Thai, Lucille's, Cafe Sevilla and several I can't recall the spellings of.

Looking for something new/newer in the central or eastern area of Long Beach - mid-range prices ($15-25), for a pre-theater dinner. Prefer booth seating. Any ideas? Unfortunately Hubby is not adventurous when it comes to Asian food . . .

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  1. How about Ferraro's on Los Coyotes for Itailian?

    1. Cafe Piccolo has a Zinfendel lamb that's amazing. I know this isn't near the theater, but have you tried Poggios in Bixby Knolls.

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      1. re: mbbear

        Been to Cafe Piccolo but missed the lamb - will have to go back for that!

        Got some info on Poggios in Bixby Knolls - 3819 Atlantic Ave. (nearest cross st. is Bixby Rd.) Open 11:30 - 10; and until 11 on Fri. & Sat. nite. What's good to eat there?

        1. re: Joani Macaroni

          It's just barely opened. You might be one of the first.

          There's also a newish Italian restaurant at Orange and Wardlow, Trattoria Limone, that is getting good reviews. However I don't know if they work for pre-theatre, depending on when the show is you may not make it.

          No reservations and it tends to get waiting room only.

          You can read reviews of both of these at the Signal's online archive

          There's also a mini-burger place downtown LB that sounds promising

          Bouchee's Bistro, 515 Long Beach Blvd.

          bouchee's bistro
          515 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

          Trattoria Limone
          3405 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

          1. re: mlgb

            Thanks mlgb - From the great review you shared I discovered the name of the place is actually "Il Poggio" (why do restaurants use "il" to precede their names? - it reminds me of "ill" not Italian, and a lot of fonts make it look like 2 l's which is confusing . . .) although on the canopy it just says "Poggio." Anyway, it sounds wonderful - especially the ravioli!

            1. re: Joani Macaroni

              Il Poggio is great. I've been there several times. Lunch is the best time to go in my opinion though-the menu is larger, cheaper, and they have panninis at lunch and only lunch. But these are not your everyday panninis. They are round and have a 7-8" diameter-HUMONGOUS! And are only about $7-8. I cut mine like a pizza and ate off of it for 3 meals.

              I noticed to that all of the new restaurants opening seem to be Italian. There's a new italian restaurant/wine bar opening on Carson and Atlantic near the Trader Joe's. So another to try...

            2. re: mlgb

              i had a real nice dinner at Limone. Not Valentino nice (or even La Terza nice) but the kind of nice that if it was in your neighborhood, you'd be really glad to have a Friday night dinner there. It's nominally Italian, with lots of cream-sauced pastas with a protein on top (not really italian, but very Cal-Ital, I guess). But everything was well-executed and the service was friendly. wine list was limited but not a rip-off.

            3. re: Joani Macaroni

              just had a quick lunch at Il Poggio. It was ok to sub-ok. had the mixed appetizer plate, a couple kinds of salumi and (weirdly) smoked turkey! fresh mozz on a crisp tomato. pretty nice fried thing that might have been gnocchi or ricotta. stuffed eggplant roll-up that was sticky with balsamic glaze. panini was supposed to be grilled peppers, zucchini and eggplant. the only peppers i could find were a spread, zucchini was undercooked; and they put lettuce and (again) crisp tomatoes on it before toasting it. just a bad idea from start to finish. panini are plate-sized.

              i'll go back and give them another try for pasta. they did seem to be pretty busy, which is a good sign.

              1. re: FED

                Thanks for the report. I think I had them confused with the new one in the center across the street from Trader Joe's. If it isn't open it's going to be any day now.

                I will finally be trying Tracht's. The summer menu looks like a good value.

                1. re: mlgb

                  tracht's is nice. i've been keeping my eye on the spot by TJ for about a year now. looks kind of promising through the window: nice big wine system for wines by the glass. but i'm a little concerned by the name: vinieria or something like that ... a word i've never encountered in italy. oh well, once step at a time.

          2. We went to Dale's Diner a couple of weeks ago and saw that there is a new Italian place across the street called Vino Y Cucina. Have not tried it yet, so cannot comment on the food. It is in your price range and on the eastside, near LB Community College. I don't know the address, but it is on Norse Way right across from Dale's.

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            1. re: susans

              Thanks FED and Susans - Looks like everything new is Italian - is that odd or what?!
              Here's a little more info on Vino Y Cucino: 4501 E. Carson St. 562-421-0124
              Norse Way angles between Carson & Lakewood. Found one review which was very favorable.

              1. re: Joani Macaroni

                The new one across from TJ's is called "La Vineria Italiana". The Signal had a brief interview with the chef/co-owner Ricardo Dal Santo. He mentioned two dishes, brazato (flank steak in wine) and catfish with tomato, lemon and rosemary. He graduated from culinary school in northern Italy. Open for dinner only, 5pm-10pm. closed Monday.
                4020 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach.

                La Vineria Italiana
                4020 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

                1. re: mlgb

                  This one is gone, now replaced by The Factory Gastro Pub.

            2. If it's not too late to make recommendations, Joani, here are my thoughts! I am Italian and very selective about where to go for this food! Poggios in Long Beach, I believe is the new restaurant by Stefano Colaiacomo and his brother Alessandro, and they are two of SoCal's finest blessings as Italian chefs, from Rome. I have not been there yet, but since they cheffed at L'Opera, Madison, were the original geniuses at DaVinci, Long Beach airport, I doubt if you could go wrong; I hope to check it out soon myself.

              My other absolute favorite is LaParolaccia on Broadway; owners Stefano and Nicola have created what I feel is one of the closest things we have here to a trattoria in Italy; their place has expanded 3 times and now includes a pizzeria with wood-fired ovens - fabulous! Pastas, wines, sides, entrees - nothing is not positively delicious. They are open from lunchtime on Sat and Sun so you should be OK for pre-theatre.

              Buon appetito!

              1. Ciao again Joani and everyone - it's IL POGGIO and is the new Colaiacomo restaurant, here is a link of a review:


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                1. re: italygirl23

                  Many thanks mlgb and Italygirl23!
                  We have season tickets to a theater in Long Beach, so we like to try a different dinner place each time (about every six weeks) so new ideas are always welcome and never "too late!" Plus in the summer the temps are cooler in Long Beach/Seal Beach area than driving inland to Orange, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, etc. so we often head out LB way even if we aren't seeing a play.