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Jul 8, 2008 03:20 PM

Buddakan - what not to miss?

Well decided on Buddakan for our upcoming anniversary (remember Kaizan closed, Pearl not that great....). Buddakan is one of the "to do" places in Philly we've never been to and we're looking forward to it. Thought I would ask what apps and entrees have consistently been really good and that are "not to be missed" items? Also, and I know this isn't easy, but any particularly good tables to request (we have an 8:30 reservation). Thanks in advance.

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  1. The tea smoked spare rib appetizer and the chocolate bento box dessert are by far the best things on the menu. Also, the sea bass is pretty good too.

    1. The calamari salad is amazing, every other place I tried it it feels like a poor imitation. Agree on the chocolate bento box, would also recommend the dip sum donuts. That is another dish that has been copied many times, but nothing is good as the original.

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        Oh yeah, I forgot about the calamari salad. It is really good!

      2. I have to 3rd the calamari salad! My husband loved the wasabi crusted filet.

        1. I agree about the doughnuts and bento box. I also really like the Asian ceasar salad.

          1. i love both of the salads (calamari and asian caesar) but most people tend to go gaga for the calamari one.

            i agree with the dessert recs too, the chocolate bento box and the dip sim donuts (YUM!). any of the dumplings are delicious too (handmade every day by the dumpling ladies). and i also love the edamame ravioli. i usually order a special, but off the main menu, the chilean sea bass is delicious, as is the wasabi encrusted filet.