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Jul 8, 2008 02:51 PM

menu visiting

the inlaws are coming for 5 days and i need some menu help. MIL can't eat fish. Aunt can't eat poultry or eggs. I will also have a brand new baby so looking for simple dishes to prepare. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

oh, don't have to worry about breakfast...they will eat at the hotel.

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  1. All my ideas are simple. as in d-u-h

    I have the recipes/method if you want to try any of these
    Bleu Cheese/Roast Beef Sandwiches
    Broccoli & Garlic Pasta
    Cheddar Almond Salad
    Genoa Salami w/manzanilla olive/cream cheese sandwiches
    BBQ Pork Sandwich w/coleslaw
    Szechuan Green Beans w/ground pork
    Italian Sausage & Potatoes
    Hot Beef & Hazelnut Salad

    1. Here are some non-poultry-fish-or egg dishes I make all the time. Hope these help.

      Bowtie pasta with cheese pesto sauce
      pasta e ceci (your username is rizzo, so I'm guessing you know all about this one!)
      pasta fagioli
      grilled paninis with eggplant, mozzarella, & roasted pepper
      lentil soup ( it's summer, but I still crave it!)

      1. Anything with sausage is easy:
        Italian sausage, onion, mushroom, peppers, zucchini & sauce over pasta
        Kielbasa with cabbage, potatoes and onions
        Sausage with beans...

        Pork tenderloin is quick & easy and works well with many flavors.
        Salads-can have everything prepped and serve salad bar style with various protein options.

        Tacos, fajitas all are flexible and can be prepped ahead of time according to your schedule.

        Don't worry - there will probably be extra hands happy to help!

        1. With a new baby, why should you cook? And it's so hot!

          But if you MUST prepare meals for your guests, how about:
          Rice salad (cooked brown rice with whatever veggies and fresh herbs you have, with beans, cheese, &/or nuts for protein + vinaigrette dressing)
          Deli-style platter (no fish or poultry necessary - roast beef, salami, cheese + appropriate veggies, condiments, and eggless bread) and everyone can make sandwiches
          Mediterranean-style salads (hoummus, tabbouleh, balela, baba ganoush + pita, like an antipasto)
          Steaks or burgers, corn, and pineapple on the grill
          Cold veggie soup, using tomato juice or V-8 as the base. Call it gazpacho it you must.
          Broccoli-tortellini salad - yep, you've figured out my MO - add whatever you have that's not off limits and let it chill

          1. how about polenta with a vegetable ragu or ratatouille (easy to prep and just let simmer).

            lasagna with or without meat

            chili w/ meat or use tvp instead for a heartiness... easy to let stew and not be a bother to you.

            assemble your own's - potato bar, taco bar, burrito bar, paninis

            coucous salads are so easy to make b/c couscous takes no effort to cook anyway

            brisket studded with garlic on a bed of potatoes and carrots and onions is easy to prep and let cook