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Jul 8, 2008 02:30 PM

Need Nice Rest. In Disney Area

I'm taking my family to dinner, 4 total, and I need a nice restaurant to take them to in the I-Drive/Disney area. Some place not too expensive but somewhere not too ordinary either, all cusines are welcome. Thanks!

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    1. re: herbert1

      thanks, but i'm looking for something new, not a chain.

      1. re: jwar

        How new of a place? (Under 2 years, under 6 months?)

        How adventurous with your cuisines? (Traveling with small kids?)

        How upscale or casual?

        Have you tried searching the FL boards for recent rec's and threads? We've had a lot of talk on this topic in the last 6 months. Word of warning, a lot of the "new" places in I-drive/Disney have been from chains in the last year.

        Recent posts:

        One quick point, Season's has just 7 locations in the chain and fits your request to a T. I've hit both Orlando locations with guests of all ages and palates, it's always been a winner. The Sandlake location has a nice view of the lake and both locations offer stellar service.

        California Grill
        Oceanaire seafood

        1. re: winechic

          thank you, i just something new. Not really a new rest. or anything, just tired of the same old thing. I appreciate all of the help.

    2. cafe tu-tu tango.. i would say its not too expensive.. its a tapas place with lots of live shows like belly dancing, singing and fire breathing

      1. Although Seasons 52 is technically a chain, albeit a very small part of a large one, I would second that recommendation. Not only is the food delicious and fresh as can be, the staff is unbelievable. I love this restaurant, and enjoy the Sand Lake one better than the altamonte one. If you really want a non chain, and are huge on service, go to Christinis....

        1. We live about an hour from Disney & have had several very good meals at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney. Traditional Irish music starts around 9pm & it gets a little loud.