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Jul 8, 2008 02:15 PM


I felt that I had to comment on this restaurant as I have seen so many mixed reviews on the board. I am a New Yorker who has high standards of cuisine, and when planning my recent trip to Montreal I wanted to eat at only the best.
I went this past weekend and enjoyed the tasting menu, with wine pairings and foie gras.
It was fantastic!
The food was inventive and delicious. Service from start to finish was attentive and complemented the meal greatly. The timing of the food was superb- it took approximately four hours to go through the entire meal. The wine pairings were perfect.
The only complainant that I have is the attire of fellow diners. I do not appreciate going out for a meal that I am going to spend large amounts of money on and see diners in polo shirts and sneakers. I believe that Toque needs to implement a stricter dress code- certainly jackets for the men. This will enhance the entire experience.
Other than that Toque is a great restaurant, worth the steep price.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Thanks for your update NYC1236! Good to hear Toque is still able to deliver.

        What was the highlight of the meal? I know in the past I have always enjoyed their fois gras preps, but one particularly fond memory I have is of the first time I tasted a Jerusalem artichoke, as one of the side vegetables of a meat course. It was beautifully roasted and was the most wonderful vegetable I had ever tasted! Toque has always paid attention to the fine details like vegetable sides, for me that is the sign of a restaurant that cares about their cuisine.

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          The highlight of the meal for me had to be the cod dish. It was cod, topped with a potato puree foam. Under the cod was a confit of vidalia onion, and the whole thing was topped with elderberry flowers. It was an amazing dish- it was inventive and delicious.
          Of course, the foie gras was superb.
          I agree that they paid attention to details- everything on each of the plates was well thought and well presented. There was nothing haphazard. Toque definitely cares about their cuisine.

        2. I have to agree that Toque is fantastic! I visited a couple week ago and had an amazing overall dining experience there! They used some of the most exotic yet flavorful ingredients I've ever seen. The edible flowers that they used were both beautiful and tasty. I would rate Toque higher than Per Se (New York) and French Laundry (Napa) in my book.

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            " I would rate Toque higher than Per Se (New York) and French Laundry (Napa) in my book."

            Very high praise indeed!

            I personally would not rate Toque higher than Per Se. I think that Per Se is a notch above in terms of food preparation, service and wine service. There may be moments when the food at Toque can be comparable to the food at Per Se. But service, and the wine list and service, well, very few places can match Per Se. But this is perhaps a personal preference thing. I cannot comment on French Laundry as I've never been.

            1. re: moh

              You are right. The service at Per Se is indeed unsurpassable, as well as the decor and the ambiance. I should say " I rate Toque higher than Per Se and FL cuisine-wise because it's full of pleasant surprises in every bite".

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                I could definitely see that Toque could be an excellent change from the cuisine of Thomas Keller. There is a Quebecois food aesthetic that is quite unique, and the use of local products can be very creative and surprising. The market here is very appreciative of good food, and within the realms of French-based cuisine, quite adventurous. it's part of the reason I chose to settle down here!

                (now if we could get some good kimchi here, I'd be set. wait, oh yeah, some soup dumplings, preferably good soup dumplings)

          2. I agree with what you say about the food and the service, but boy would I beg to differ with you about the dress code though. As long as diners are presentable and clean there should be no kvetching about what they are wearing.

            While I do like to dress up a bit for a nice dinner, I don't want either myself or my companions to feel "forced" into being anything they don't want to be. And Montreal is generally a fairly laid-back town. A mandatory "jackets for men" code is not what Montreal (and by extension Montreal's best restro) should be about.

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