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Jul 8, 2008 01:58 PM

Havana Blue in St Thomas

I was wondering if anyone has recently eaten here and do they have anything appropriate for children to eat. I know they are attached the the Marriot/Morningstar Resort so I figured they would be able to rustle up something for kids to eat, or should I go somewhere else.

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  1. My fiance and I actually stayed at the Morningstar Resort and ate there one night. I can honestly say the mean was wonderful but not quite sure it would fit a childs palatte. I also didn't notice anything that they could make for kids. Here is a link to the restaurant and menu.

    1. I love havana blue! They do have a children's menu- it has a small filet steak, a quesadilla, and I think some tempura chicken or shrimp. depending on the age, the regular menu might be just fine.

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        Up until the time we tried 13 (last week), Havana Blue was our favorite restaurant on the island. Incredible view, great drinks, and a Cuban inspired menu that was not only interesting, but really, really good. It's quite pricey, but well worth it in our opinion. Make sure to try the Cuban Sliders, the Hangar Steak, the Cioppino and the Havana Banana!

      2. My wife and I were in St Thomas and went to Havana Blue this past weekend. As others have said the view and decor are very nice. However we found what we had to eat to be very disappointing. We shared the Cuban Sliders (slow-roasted pulled pork w/ serrano sam, manchego cheese, green apple pickles, truffle essence, pressed pan dulce and blueberry mustard for $16). It was a dried out mess, there was no truffle flavor at all, there was little flavor. Awful. We unfortunately both ordered the Red Snapper which was stuffed with chorizo and rock Shrimp and came w/ tempura asparagus, dirty rice and chimichurri emulsion for $38. The fish was over cooked and over salted. Again awful.

        Moreover I was surprised and disappointed as well that the restaurant wasn't staffed by natives of St Thomas or the Caribbean. For me it took away significantly from the charm of the island experience.