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Jul 8, 2008 01:28 PM

Catering For A Vegetarian Wedding (in the valley)?

My fiancé and I are getting married in Chatsworth and are looking for a catering company. It's a backyard wedding for about 100 people. We're both vegetarians and we're planning an all vegetarian wedding. To add to the complications, we're also trying to work on a pretty tight budget, however, the food is still by far the most important element of the wedding for us. We're interested in all kinds of food. We've considered Thai or Vietnamese as a possibility, but we're open to suggestions.

So, does anyone know of a catering company that can do a great job with vegetarian food, is within a reasonable distance to the San Fernando Valley, and is not insanely expensive?

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  1. They arent exclusivley vegetarian - but Large Marge Sustainables does amazing food and are reasonably priced...and she seems to really care about clients and the enviornment!

    1. i'd give spork foods a call
      they specialize in vegetarian food

      1. what is your budget for food?

        1. I think Asian foods are a good call, though I think a lot of vegetarian Asian food doesn't necessarily keep that well, and with Thai and Vietnamese especially, I would make sure that the caterer *truly* understands what "vegetarian" means, because a lot of times, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that aren't specifically vegetarian will use fish sauce, shrimp paste, or other fish ingredients as seasoning. Whether this is a cultural misunderstanding or malice, I think depends on the person. Even a friend of mine, who's Thai and has a vegetarian boyfriend, said recently that most Thai places straight up lie about this.

          Maybe one of the ubiquitous vegetarian Thai places around LA (the ones with "Vegan" in the name) would be willing to do something on a large scale. I think Bulan (on Melrose) is one of the best of the bunch, though not the cheapest.

          Chinese might work too, but again, a lot of the Chinese vegetarian places do a lot of fake meat type stuff which may not sit well. You could talk to Vegetable Delight, nearby in Chatsworth / Granada Hills and see if they do catering, or even some of the veggie Chinese places in the SGV area. Veggie Delight (the owner's sister has a place in Reseda that's very similar; forget the name) is a little Americanized, but I think if you don't have a lot of Chinese relatives coming, it will still go over well. I think stuff like steamed dumplings, soup, most vegetable dishes, and seitan based mock meat will keep Ok, esp. with a chafing dish... however, some of the soy meat, and anything deep fried will not keep so well (with the possible exception of spring rolls).

          I think that sticking to Asian or Mexican food, made by caterers who are of the same ethnicity of the food they're making is probably your best bet in terms of budget and taste. Just make sure you stick to dishes that will work well even after sitting a little.

          1. Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana does catering - it's vegan, but even meat eaters don't mind!

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              I don't know what their catering prices are, but I'm guessing they don't qualify in the "affordable" category.