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Jul 8, 2008 01:26 PM

L'Arte - New UWS Location (Lincoln Center Plaza)

This is a quick spin-off from Ora's L'Arte post. Thanks to adidaf, I have just learned that L'Arte has opened a new location behind the ballet building at Lincoln Center Plaza. When I called L'Arte for details, a very nice guy told me they've been open for two weeks but they are having freezer problems and are in touch with the manufacturer in Italy. This is great news!

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  1. I think you mean behind the New York State Theater. I haven't been on 62nd St. in that area recently, but I do know they have been doing major construction. Is the restaurant on the south side of 62nd? Is it French, Italian, or none of the above?

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      I believe the OP is referring to the gelato shop, L'Arte del Gelato (, and not a full service restaurant.

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        And, the new incarnation of Gilileo (sp. ?) on Amsterdam between 94th and 95th is serving L'Arte gelato.

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          yup, i was referring to l'arte del gelato. sorry for the confusion. i meant to put ballet building in quotes as that was a direct quote from the guy i got on the phone when i called. i'm thinking it may be behind w63 behind the state theater. one of my friends lives on the south side of w62, and i don't think there are any storefronts on either side of that street between 9th and columbus but i could be wrong.