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Jul 8, 2008 01:20 PM

Healthy use of ice cream machines?

I have a nice electric ice cream machine that sits unused as I try to keep sugar at an absolute minimum in my diet.

Does anyone have and ice cream or sorbet like recipies without sugar that are good and healthy?


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  1. I just made a yogurt sorbet--pretty much scraped a vanilla bean into a blendar, added yogurt, and a little sugar (really not too much). Yum! Especially good if you have tasty yogurt.

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      Funny, I was just wondering last night how close I could get to making my own Red Mango...

      I must try it now! Thanks!

      1. re: Produce Addict

        I just re-read my post, I meant to say add "sugar syrup," not sugar.

      2. I have made David Lebovitz's plain frozen yogurt using nonfat greek yogurt and splenda and if you don't like sweeteners try honey, jam, agave, or juice.
        His recipe for strawberry froyo also looks great.

        1. I just made a mango sorbet with honey instead of sugar that was a crowd pleaser over the US July 4 holiday weekend. Here's the recipe:
          2 mangoes diced fine, 2/3 cup honey (my mangoes were very ripe so next time I'll only use 1/2 cup or less of honey), juice of 2 limes, equal part water to honey, and a small pinch of salt. Chill thoroughly then process in ice cream maker as usual.

          You could use any fruit and adjust the honey according to the sweetness of the fruit. I'm sitting at my kitchen table now looking at 6 peaches that didn't make it into cobbler over the weekend that might just end up as sorbet by next weekend.

          The human body processes honey differently than sugar, having to do extra work to convert it from fructose to glucose so I substitute honey for sugar in almost every recipe. Using locally made honey is reputed to help the body deal with seasonal pollen allergies.

          1. You can make any number of recipes without sugar or using sugar substitutes, but be aware there will be a big difference in the texture of the finished product, especially after hardening (freezing post ice cream maker.) One of the best solutions is simply not to harden a sugar free product, by making only as much as you will serve yourself and your guests and/or family. This may of may not be practical, so keep in mind that most sugar free ice cream or yogurt or sorbet will soften up, but you'll want to take it out of the freezer at least ten minutes before serving. Otherwise, you risk breaking your scoop!

            I enjoy David Lebovitz's fro yo recipe from The Perfect Scoop without any sugar. (I guess it'd help to know I prefer plain yogurt to fruit flavored or well, basically any added flavor.) If you like plain yogurt, that recipe is a great place to start from and then improvise with added fruit or other flavor, as you like.

            1. I make a sorbet with the juice of grapefruits and a touch of honey (ok, that's sugar, but natural).