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Hidden, authentic, hole-in-the-walls...

I am always looking for my next hidden find. Any hints on authentic, hidden, hole-in-the-walls that offer the best of the best. All types of food welcome... Please share

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  1. I'll start: Downtown Bakery on 1st Ave btwn 4th and 5th for cheap "authentic" Mexican.

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      Also down there is Zaragoza on Avenue A just north of 13th St. Tiny, tiny little storefront deli with great mexican food. Rumor has it they have great tamales but i've never gotten there early enough to try them. The tacos are great.

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        I always go to Puebla on 1st Ave near 3rd St for authentic, cheap Mexican. But you're the second person in just a few days that's mentioned Downtown Bakery, and I had never heard of it before. I guess I'll have to give it a try.

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          I think that might have been me a few days ago as well. I asked if anybody has been to both so that they could compare. I'll agree to go try Puebla if you try Downtown Bakery!

          I especially recommend the Carne Asada Burrito and the Adovo de Puerco. The tacos are good, too, but seem similar in quality to some of the newer, albeit slightly more expensive taco stands sprouting up around town. More than anything, this isthe best burrito I've had in Manhattan, similar to what you can find in really good CA joints.

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            Actually I'm a step ahead of you...lol. I just had the chicken tacos and pernil enchiladas, and both were quite tasty. The rice and beans were fine, but they were a little too dressed up for my taste. To be honest, though, I haven't been to Puebla in a while, so I'll have to go back to make a qualified comparison.

      2. I'll stay with murray hill/ gramercy area since I know it best:
        Cosette for french
        Barbes for French/Morroccan
        El Pote for Spanish
        El Parador for Mexican
        Trattoria Alba for Italian
        Los dos Molinos - Southwestern/Mexican

        I've always had great meals at each of these places, and they're all a bit off the beaten path.

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          Haven't been to Trattoria Alba in ages, but it's definitely no hole-in-the-wall.

          We recently tried El Parador for the first time, and I found the food very disappointing. No hole-in-the-wall either.

          I do like Cosette a lot. Realyy good French bistro cuisine and tiny, so I guess that makes it a hole-in-the-wall, albeit a very charming one.


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            Lucien on 1st and 1st is a good hole in wall bistro

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              I take the point, Alba & Parador are bigger spots - but I threw them in there because I love them both and they're off the beaten path.

              Sorry to hear about that bad meal at El Parador - what did you order? You should get back to Alba soon - nothing's changed.

          2. Kyo ya for Kaiseki
            Pistahan for filipino
            Fernando's (brooklyn) for italian delights
            Chatham for Dimsum
            Ukrainian Home for pierogi

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              margon for cuban- good midtown lunch spot

            2. El Castillo del Jagua for Dominican
              La Strada for Dominican
              Taza del Oro for Puerto Rican
              Tehuitzingo for Mexican
              Myer's of Keswick for English
              Pistahan for Filipino
              La Nacional for tapas