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Jul 8, 2008 01:12 PM

Sanam Luang Cafe in North Hollywood or Lotus in Vegas?

I just recently was in Las Vegas and ate at Lotus of Siam ( and when I told my friend about Lotus, my friend who lives near North Hollywood said that there were better places than Lotus right here in the Los Angeles area. My friend suggested Sanam Luang Cafe in North Hollywood. Just wondering if any of CH's ever eaten at both, and what are your thoughts. thanks in advance

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  1. Lotus in Vegas, hands down. Sanamluang and the other places in Thai Town North are excellent and leagues above the West LA type places, but none of them compare to Lotus -- or to Thai Nakorn or Renu Nakorn.

    1. IMO, Lotus is unquestionably superior.

      1. I dont see why people like Sanamluang? I've eaten at both Hollywood and N. Hollywood locations. Its ok for late night food but there are so many better places. Lotus of Siam in Vegas is in a whole nother league compared to Sanam. I actually prefer Marnee Thai in Vegas over Lotus of Siam.

        1. Been to both and I have to agree with the others. Sanamluang is good, but I don't think it's even the best in North Hollywood. Lotus of Siam on the other hand is in the same league as Thai Nakorn, and Renu Nakorn (the latter being obvious since they are sort of related).

          1. Well I have not yet been to Lotus of Siam but I did eat their chow for years when they were still in Norwalk. I would agree with all that it was really good. I now prefer Jitlada and Sri Siam and other NoHo Thai restaurants but Sanamluang should not be dismissed. I really enjoy their Indian Noodle Soup and other dishes on occasion, all available into the early morning hours!