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Jul 8, 2008 01:11 PM

Outdoor dining in Brooklyn

Any recommendations from the list? This is for a party of five this coming Friday evening. Thanks!

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  1. The Grocery on Smith Street has a very pretty garden space in back, as does Convivium Osteria on Fifth Avenue. Franny's and Brooklyn Fish Camp also have outdoor seating, and Zilli's has picnic tables out back, for something very casual.

    1. Lenoras way is another great place not mentioned too much on this board. It is light dining - Great appetizers and Paninis. It used to be called Wells Ale & lager - They have a wonderful Wine Menu - and impressive Craft Beer list as well. they are at 303 Bedford Avenue. They have a patio out back - and it doesnt get too noisy - which is great for conversation.

      1. Brooklyn is a big place, but my fave is Aurora in Williamsburg. Their outside garden is lovely and the rustic Italian food is really, really good.

        1. The Farm on Adderly in Ditmas Parkis outstanding. Olea in Fort Greene hast sidewalk seating, but the food is solid.

          1. smith street and environs are loaded with decently good to very very good restaurants with gardens in back.

            what neighborhood are you looking for? any type of food?