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Jul 8, 2008 01:10 PM

Clover Club

We tried Clover Club the other day. It’s a really nice wide open space that’s nicely appointed. I had their signature cocktail; which was gin, some sort of berry syrup and a little lemon. Not bad at all and very well made. I also tried this fizz drink (the name slips me) with gin, lime soda that was infused with cucumber. When ordering I thought the cucumber thing was weird, but when I tried it was of the same caliber as my first drink – also well made and refreshing. They served food, but we were just there for drinks. Only drawbacks were they were a bit pricey - Angry Wade’s they are not - and the staff was a bit too eager. When I was drinking my ice multiple waitresses kept asking me for my glass and I kept saying I’m good, I’m good. Not a biggie, kind of funny actually since most places on Smith have service that is non-existent.

If you want quality cocktails, a nice lounge and a good crowd, which seem to be devoid of your typical guido oafs that seem to fester up and down Smith, then give Clover Club a try.

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  1. So they have a guido oaf at the door checking ids to keep out the guido oafs.

    ps: Yes, Angry Wade's they are not. THANK GOD.

    1. We went last night and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the very tasty cocktails. I tried the Clover Club as well and really enjoyed. We are theorizing that it may have egg white, which gives it a slightly creamy top. Honestly, compared to cocktail prices in the city these days I thought the prices were very reasonable. The food bites were nice too. All and all, fun to have a new place to try in the neighborhood. We'll be back.

      1. Where exactly is it? Cross street?

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          It's on Smith b/w Baltic and Butler (2 doors down from Cafe Luluc). We tried it the weekend after they opened and really enjoyed as well. Everything was very well prepared, and the space is great.

          1. re: jmh

            I went 2 weeks ago with friends and we all really enjoyed it. We had 5 or 6 of the small plates and enjoyed each one, service was fine and it's a nice space, doesn't get overcrowded or too noisy, will definately be back.