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Jul 8, 2008 01:07 PM

Summerlicious at COCA

Has anyone been? Do tell.... We are a group of girls with reservations for dinner next week and would love to hear of anyone's experience (both good and bad). Thanks!

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  1. I once touted Coca as being great/fun/etc...It has gone waaay downhill, interior is the only thing that has held up as being good, after repeated awful service (dismissive and lacking in general), food ranging from inconsistant (sometimes the shrimp is awsome, others swimming in unreduced pure booze = gross) to poorly executed and even inedible inedible (duck heart resembling texture of a superball)...I would recommend just about anything else, especially during Summerlicious, I can only imagine how bad it could get...I will say that upon a camplaint they did invite us back to make good, the cava on the house was nice and they fawned all over us but the food is what it has become, lousy -- that is actually the night I had the unchewable duck heart...I believe I posted about that whole experience a few months ago if you search the, the olives are really good though...

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      I don't do Summerlicious (except accidentally) but I've always had good food at Coca. Last time there (about 2 months back) I didn't recognize the cooks/chefs but the food was still exellent value and I'd take one of their namesake Cocas over a pizza anyday. No it's not exactly gourmet - and I can't comment on the duck hearts (which I've never ordered), but I've always found it reliable and fairly priced for the quality delivered.
      Which is more than I can say for 80% of the Summerlicious meals I've been served.

      1. re: estufarian

        the few times i've been to coca i've had great service and the food has been great.

        1. re: joshto

          I'm glad to hear you guys continue to have good experiences, although I've been burned enough at that place not to bother anymore, I would say to zengirl to give it a shot and please post back your fingers are crossed for you!