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Recently Dined at Naha?

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I'm going to be in Chicago in about 2 weeks and I made reservations at Naha for an anniversary. I have a gift certificate from Open Table and am trying to find a good restaurant. Has anyone dined at Naha recently or have alternative suggestions if it's gone downhill since it opened.

Unfortunately, Alinea is far to expensive for us. I'm looking for around at final bill of $75-$150 for two people. A fine dining experience that isn't too stuffy is ideal. Any suggestions or recent dining experiences would be great.

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  1. It is better than ever--ate there a few months ago.

    It's really a funny question you ask since, after 5 or 6 years, Chef Nahabedian (sorry if I butchered that spelling) won the Beard award for best Midwest Chef.

    1. Ate there a few weeks ago for the first time and it was wonderful! The pork belly app was really, really good!

      1. Naha sounds perfect -- great food, casual, yet elegant atmosphere, not priced astronomically. Chef Carrie has never disappointed us.

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          I was there in April I think and thought it was terrific, definitely one of my top 7-8 places in the city. Last time I was there I had a fried soft shell crab dish that was really good, but not sure if they're still in season though.

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            Absolutely think Naha would be perfect for what you are looking for. The food is delicious, the atmosphere casual yet elegant and the service perfect. As jbontario posted above, she just won best chef for the Midwest from James Beard. This is not intellectual food like Alinea, but just very approachable, good food. Definitely order any of the coddled egg dishes – we had the Organic Farm Egg with a Warm salad of Italian Frisee, Flageolets, Applewood Slab Bacon and Herbs and it was great.

            Website here:

            Pics from a recent meal here: