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Jul 8, 2008 12:50 PM

Is Cyrus in Healdsburg a must????

Staying at Solage in Calistoga the beginning of August. Have reservations at Cindy's and Go Fish (are those good choices)? Should our last night be Cyrus and is it worth the drive from Calistoga? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Cindy's and Go Fish are fine but, in my opinion, not outstanding. In St. Helena, Martini House and Terra are better choices but they are more expensive. Redd, in Yountville, in the same category as Terra and Martini House is also excellent. Cyrus is terrific, however after a long dinner, with wine, I would not want to drive back on what is a narrow and often winding road. You might consider La Toque, in Rutherford, instead.

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      We too are staying at Solage in early August and have made Friday evening dinner reservations at Cyrus. We hired a driver through the hotel though. While it's an added expense, we really want to be able to enjoy the full experience of Cyrus without having to get behind the wheel afterwards. We are also going to Redd, Terra and Ad Hoc while there. I haven't heard good things about Go Fish and there are mixed reviews on Cindy's.

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        The driver is an excellent idea, tlubow. If LifeisGood58 can afford it, I'd go for it!

    2. Go Fish is a nice place but it's nothing special, particularly if you can get good sushi where you live. Seriously, why get sushi in wine country? You should try Redd in Yountville (down the street from the French Laundry). It's excellent food, a beautiful room and the staff is always friendly. If you get there right at 5:30 p.m., you might be able to get in without a reservation -- just sit at the bar with the other locals. There's also Bouchon nearby (pricey but it's Thomas Keller so the 'yum' is there). And while I've not been there, Press is supposed to be good -- it's closer to Solage as it's in the heart of downtown St. Helena.

      As for Cyrus, it's definitely worth it. Go early and have a drink at the bar first -- you should try their Manhattan or any of the drinks created by rock star mixer Scott Beattie. Go with your appetite (and a full wallet) cause the food is fabulous and the prices are sky high. It's a great experience, a perfect spot for a special night.

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        I've been to Bouchon many times and have always enjoyed it. Apparently though, they're currently having some issues related to a kitchen remodel and have not been getting good reviews on this board. Check that out. Bistro Jeanty, just down the street from Bouchon, is also a good bet. Their tomato soup with puff pastry is legendary and the chocolate mousse creme brulee is unbeatable. My wife says their filet of sole is the best she's ever had. Their steak frites with bearnaise, in my opinion, is superior to Bouchon's version.