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Jul 8, 2008 12:48 PM

Anchorage b-trip---3 days in late summer

Will be in Anchorage for 2 nights 3 days with a bunch of HUNGRY people--Hungry in the sense of liking food and pretty willing to try new stuff. So where to eat, where to eat, where to eat.


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  1. We just got back from a trip to Alaska and stayed a couple nights in Anchorage - ate at the Glacier Brewhouse for lunch upon a local friend's recommendation which was probably the best meal, I think we had there. We tried to go to the Moose's Tooth and Bear Tooth, but both were packed! Had drinks at a bar next to Humpys called SubZero that had a ton of Belgium and specialty beers and then had drinks with a view at the Hotel Captain Cook.

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      We were in Anchorage a few years back, and enjoyed the Moose's Tooth - they were really busy, but we just had to hang out in the parking lot with a pager for a while. I loved their IPA.

    2. Also, try the "other US locations board" and search for Alaska. There are some other recommendations on there...