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Jul 8, 2008 12:48 PM

Need a good lunch suggestion in Philly

My SO and I will be visiting from DC this weekend and we'll be staying near south street. We have dinner reservations for Supper (please offer opinions as well), but we could use some help on a good lunch spot. I think we'll be doing the quintessential tourist walking tour of the city, so if you're familiar with this route, please off some suggestions. Nothing too fancy, just something that we might not stumble in to on our own.


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  1. Reading Terminal Market has lots of good lunch choices.

    Reading Terminal Market
    51 N 12th St # 2, Philadelphia, PA

    1. Supper is an excellent choice and I second RTM for lunch. So many great choices there.

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        I third Reading Terminal for lunch, specifically the roast pork sandwich at DiNic's. The Reading Terminal market is like the Eastern market in D.C. times ten...a great place to browse and eat. Also, this weekend, they will be having an ice cream festival on Saturday.

        If you're in the historical part of town, Reading Terminal's a short walk away. Whatever you do, avoid the tourist traps like the Bourse or City Tavern.

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          Supper may be closing temporarily due to a change in chefs. Let me know if this is not true.

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              I just called...They will be closed from the 21st to the 27th for renovations to the kitchen. No mention of "chef issues" though.

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              The chef did leave, but I haven't heard that they're closing because of it.

          1. Try to make it over to the Italian Market. It is a lot of fun to walk around there and pick up goodies for a picnic or snack. It is around 9th and South.

            1. these will all be highly varying selections - on south street, there is a maoz (vegetarian falafel shop) that is nice for a quick and informal brunch. off of south there is the dark horse pub which serves british pub food and some standard american things. tis very good. you will also be near the headhouse farmers' market which sells some prepared foods. please note though, philly is a brunch town and mostly every place in philly these days turns into a weekend brunch spot, so many restaurants will be open, but they will be serving brunch food. i would definitely recommend beau monde, royal tavern and the morning glory if you are interested in brunch. you will probably wait longest at morning glory.

              reading terminal and 9th street (italian market) are excellent places to stroll and munch, though i would recommend going to reading terminal on saturday instead of sunday. all of the amish/mennonite stands are closed from sunday to tuesday and they are my favorite part of the market.

              1. Sarcone's 9th & Christian at the entrance to the Italian Market. Hole in the wall, gets crazy at lunch time with locals and pilgrams. Best hoagies (subs/grinders/wedges etc) in the city. I always lean towards the Italian, the Sinatra or The Boss. I have heard great things about the Veggie hoagies as well. Eat and then walk it off in the market, stop for Italian Ice at Johns on 7th and Christian - try the pineapple. Or for a bite of chocolate at Anthony's House of Chocolate in the Italian Market.