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Sour Red Cherries

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I need to find sour red cherries for cherry pie. They are bright red and I know that they can be grown in Quebec but I have so far been unable to find them. All I have found so far are those dark bing cherries that are too sweet for cherry pie and the yellow cherries that i dont like all that much. I havent checked Jean-Talon Market yet for the sour red cherries so if someone has seen them there please let me know. Or of any other cherry varieties available in Montreal that would work well in cherry pie.

Thank you!

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  1. all I can say is good luck. The window of opportunity is very small, and I am not sure now is the time to find them, as I have seen them in the states (in a regular grocery store no less) in Early August. There was a fruit store in, omg- I can't remember the name and I lived just around the corner, the shopping complex (so to speak) where Hot & Spicy is downtown - across from La Soupiere Kitchen store... crap, it's called.... anyways, there was a big produce store there, and one year you could put in an order for the sour cherries.

    Maybe others will know better, but I have never seen them here for sale.

    The only sour cherries I know of are the Hungarianor Polish or Bulgarian variety that they sell in glass jars. Most grocery stores have them.

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      Faubourg Ste-Catherine.

      That store was called Plantation (run by the son of the people who owned Warshaw on St-Laurent) but it has been closed for a long long time.

    2. If you can use the sour cherries that come in a jar, I've bought some from Exofruits on Cote des Neiges.

      1. You can pick your own here http://www.letempsdescerises.ca/ It's in Charette near Trois-Rivières

        I got some last year and made some very good jam with it.

        1. To some degree it's weather-dependent but normally they're in season around July 15. I usually buy 'em at the Jean Talon Market, the CDN neighbourhood market or ExoFruits. If I recall correctly, they're almost always from Ontario. As maisonbistro says, the season is very short -- a week or so -- so keep an eye peeled.

          1. I bought some last weekend at JTM at Chez Nino. As mentioned, the season is short so they might be there next weekend if you are lucky. Good luck! Oh, and they were delicious... worth the wait.

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              The sour cherries were still present last Wednesday at Chez Nino. I also spoke to one of the berry vendors, who said that the Quebec sour cherries should start some time in the next week (This week or next).

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                I was at JTM today and saw them at several places - apparently from Ontario and Quebec. I bought some at Chez Nino and made jam - seems to have turned out pretty well. It was my first time working with sour cherries - what colour are they supposed to be inside?? Most were yellow but some were more brownish - does this mean rotten, or just very very ripe? I threw out the mushiest and brownest...

            2. I'm from Vancouver Island, not Montreal, so I have no idea if this practice is common/accepted here, but at home, as long as you clear it with the landowner, people will often let you pick the fruit off their trees/bushes (a lot of people leave the cherries and blackberries to rot and it's heartbreaking).

              That said, I think I know the location of a sour cherry tree, and it is currently full of them. Lagatta (sorry if I got that spelling a bit wrong), I know you're local, too, so maybe you've seen it? It's on Waverly, off Mozart Ouest, right before the little dep on the left (walking north from Mozart). About 20 metres from the intersection with Mozart. And now that I think about it, I think the tree is located on the sidewalk, not on someone's property.

              EDIT: I don't know 100% that these are sour cherries, but they sure look it. They're definitely not the big purple bing cherries.

              Anyway, little obscure tip there. I'd like to get those cherries myself, but am sadly ladderless. :(

              1. You can always try frozen Sour Cherries at Au But near atwater market or any Provigo entrepot. http://www.clubentrepot.ca/

                1. I'm bumping this topic up. Does anyone know if it's sour cherry season yet and, if so, if JTM has them?

                  I looked at the website for the self-pick on this page and they say it's a bad cherry season. Oh no!

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                    As the owner of a single sour cherry tree, I can confirm: it was TERRIBLE this year. We picked 3 liters in all (which I promptly spoiled trying a new recipe for making cocktails cherries.... disaster!). The birds and squirrels got whatever was left.

                    My tree normally produces about 20 liters yearly.

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                        the flowering seemed okay, actually, albeit short. So perhaps temperatures were wrong or pollinators didn't have time to get to them...

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                        Too bad. I've been craving them since I found some sour cherry jam in April (and promply gobbled it all up with Greek yoghurt). I guess I'll just try to hunt down more jam and not the real thing . . .

                    1. I bought some frozen sour cherries at Adonis (Sauve location) a couple of years ago...

                      1. I happened to go to the new Marché Épicure, on Paré, this weekend. In terms of sour cherries they had: frozen sour cherries, canned pitted and unpitted sour cherries (obviously separate jars), sour cherry jam ($4.00) and sour cherry tea ($1.99). I was happy.

                        1. If you need a sour/tart/Montmorency cherry, just go into any of the Russian groceries and get a big jar of cherries in liquid (it's almost certain they will be sour since these are most Russian cherries). It should be around $3.