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Jul 8, 2008 12:26 PM

Cheese Platter suggestions

I'm bringing a cheese platter to a spa gathering for about 10 women in a few weeks. I thought it might be fun to ask Chowhounds what cheeses you suggest. I'm thinking about 3-4 cheeses max since there are others bringing food. Since I am the one bringing the cheese, I will pull rank and decide not to include "stinky" cheeses like goat cheese (not goat's milk cheeses just "goat cheese" specifically) or bleu that I am not very fond of. I know there are 'hounds who will be disappointed in that...sorry! I will accompany it with some kind of cracker or bread product (suggestions welcome) and would like one cheese that goes well with fig preserves.

Open to all suggestions of cheeses, toppings, and crackers/breads/etc except for the stinky cheeses noted above. Thanks...

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  1. "and would like one cheese that goes well with fig preserves."
    unfortunately i love to pair figs with either goat or bleu :) however, manchego can be a nice alternative.

    question - are you specifically set on using preserves? it's fig season, so it's the perfect time to use fresh ones instead...

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      Oooh, definitely some Manchego. Also, mimolette is quite popular. It has an interesting story too, although some might dispute it. Purportedly, it was Napoleon's favorite cheese. Or atleast the one that he fed to his troops. It resembles a cantaloupe and the bumpy exterior is devloped by foraging cheese mites. It's a hard cheese, nutty and fairly mild.

    2. I think a triple creme would do nicely: Pierre Robert or Brillat Savarin. If you can find it, Brin d'Amour, aka Fleur de Macquis, is always a hit. It's a sheeps milk Corsican cheese coated in wild herbs. I would also recommend Piave, a semi hard Italian cheese that I think makes a better cheese platter choice that reggiano. And rounding off, Manchego and Mimolette are both great suggestions. Or you could try a farmhouse cheddar or aged gouda.

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        I agree with almansa's recommendation of Piave. I usually get the Piave Vecchio - the aged Piave. It's a beautiful, nutty and rich cheese with a great tooth and a bit of crystalization. Nice complement to creamy cheeses. Less salty than reggiano.

      2. I'm a stinky cheese lover, but I do know that everyone loves Parrano (there's even an Extra-aged Parrano that's extra strong, but I digress). Your friends might like rose jam with their soft cheeses (just gently simmer some organic rose petals in simple syrup until thickened; fragrant roses like Mr. Lincoln, Chrysler Imperial, etc., are better than non-fragrant ones).

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        1. re: Claudette

          Ooooh, that rose jam sounds lovely. I've never had that before but would really like to try it.

          1. re: lynnlato

            It is lovely, but cut the petals with kitchen scissors into little pieces first.

        2. Spread fig jam on brie and top w/sliced almonds. Bake 15 min

          Remove pits from medjool dates and insert shard of best parmesan

          1. anything with a vein of truffle in it. i think i had a moliterno with something like that.