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restaurant in East Village

Can you recommend the best places to eat in East Village? Price and cuisine do not matter.

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      Cafe Habana is in Nolita, not east village.

    2. My EV recommendations, though more towards the low end in terms of price:

      1. Hearth and the Momofukus are the obvious choices. I like Puebla on 1st Ave at 3rd for some hole-in-the-wall-but-oh-my-gosh Mexican (I don't think there's anything on the menu over $10), and, La Isla on 14th at B for down home Dominican ($6.50 1/2 chicken w/rice and beans that's at least a dinner and enough left over for lunch the next day).

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          I actually can't believe I forgot Kasadela, a Japanese place on 11th near C. Portions are tapas sized, or maybe a little bigger, and is some of the finest food I've ever had.

        2. Ippudo! I can't get enough of that ramen, and mmm the pork belly.
          Momofuku for the shrimp n grits
          Persimmon for their super reasonable tasting menu (about $40?)
          Milon just because it's fun when they sing Happy Birthday with the strobe disco pepper lights.

          1. I recommend Yuca Bar on 7th and A wholeheartedly. Really excellent Latin/Islands food and fantastic cocktails. Plus a great atmosphere. The yuca fries are the whole reason to go back again and again and again!

              1. Lil Frankie's on 1st Ave.

                1. Max is good italian and well priced and delicious, Momofuku ssam, Esperanto (cuban), Cafe Mogodar (moroccan), Flea Market (french)

                  1. I'm rather fond of Belcourt.

                    1. We ate at Gnocco last weekend. Their thin crust pizza is absolutely addictive. Their menu has other wonderful dishes too.

                      1. Supper, Cacio e vino, Veselka, OG