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Jul 8, 2008 12:11 PM

Lobster Shack near Portsmouth, NH

We'll be in the Portsmouth area next week and remeber with some fondness a lobster shack located on a pier somewhere south of town (maybe in Rye?). Sort of funky and down a dirt road...does this ring a bell with anyone? Otherwise, lobster recommendations in the Portland area?

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  1. there are some lobster shacks south of Portsmouth but not aware of the names. one i know of is north in Kittery, Maine off of Route 103, Chaucey Creek, about ten minutes from Portsmouth. the lastest report I have heard is it still fine. When you find it, you walk down a steep walkway to a dock with two buildings. one on the left has the lobster tanks and the one on the right prepares them. served to you on a cafeteria tray on picnic benches. you can bring any food and drink with you as long as it is not on their menu. check their web sit for the menu. have fun. don't get dressed up!!!

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      While they have a terrific location and ambience, the food at Chauncy Creek leaves alot to be desired. Most people bring ALL of their own food, and just get the lobsters from them. Their fried seafood is horrible, and the lobster rolls are made with Miracle Whip...awful. I have also heard that the lobsters aren't prepped all that well, but I've only had first hand experience with the other foods. I would avoid!

      Here is an earlier thread on Chauncy Creek:

    2. Maybe you mean BG's Boathouse? I wouldn't really call it a lobster shack--more of just a fried seafood place. Very good, though. Great location right on the water (the parking lot is dirt...).

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        I think martyl9 means here:

        Wonderfuly place on the way to one of my favorite places in the whole world--Fort Foster Park.