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Jul 8, 2008 12:07 PM

Tuske Delicatessen - RIP?

So, on the weekend, I had to go over to Mirvish Village (my copy of Susan Hermann Loomis's Cooking at Home On Rue Tatin had arrived at David Mirvish - A couple of good recipes, but I was left unimpressed on the whole), and while there, thought that I'd pick up some csabai at Tuske, north side of Bloor, second block west of Bathurst. The doors and windows were papered over. I also noted that in June they had received a yellow conditional pass from the Health Police. Does anyone know what's up? Did they strike camp for elsewhere, just close for a facelift, or are they gone for good?

Supplementary question: If they are closed for good, can anyone recommend a good deli for csabai in the broadly-speaking downtown?

Koszonom (can't do the accents), hounds.

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  1. Damn, I was only there once but I liked it

    1. I guess that makes Country Style the last of the Goulash Archipelago.

      You can get csabai at the St Lawrence Market. Not quite downtown, St Clair Deli is Hungarian. It's on St Clair at Rushton.

      Or go to the source in Etobicoke, the Blue Danube:

      1. I saw the same notice, but it looked like the previous inspection had resulted in a yellow carding for them too. They renovated not too long ago so I suspect that they've decamped or just folded up the tent completely.

        As for csabai, I don't know anyplace that has it but Country Style just a few blocks east on Bloor might be able to recommend someone...

        1. If that's the case then all ahould be sad. I left the city 4 years ago at which time you could still pop in on a stroll and take away pogasc and other goodies. After Elizabeth's closing this was the last downtown source for Hungarian meats and treats.

          I believe they processed and smoked their own, did they not? Are they victims of those silly, nanny smoking regs that did in the super Polish and Ukranian outlets in the west end?

          Do you know if Honey Bear still does its own? My son brought us some excellent csabai from them this past weekend, but I suspect it was supplied off-site - probably Baloton in Mississauga or that place in Etobicoke on Bering Avenue. It's next to impossible to process sausage where meat is cut now.

          All sausage fanciers should know that csabai rules all cured, smoked pork sausages - full stop.

          1. European Meats in Kensington Market sells csabai and other cured sausages.