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Jul 8, 2008 11:53 AM

Erlind's Rest. Oshweken

If anyone is out that way and is looking for a satisfying (large and quality) breakfast try Erlind's in the Iroquois Village Center, 1985 Chiefswood Rd. Oshweken, on the Six Nations Reserve.

Ham and eggs, home fries (with onions) and toast $4.50
West. omlette $6 All you can drink coffee $1.25 and all tax free, as are all purchases on the reserve proper. Smoking also allowed if that is your thing. We go there a few times a year to buy my wife's (cheap) smokes and alway have breakfast there.

No direct route to Oshweken (from T.O.), kinda south from Wilson St. in Ancaster. Wilson runs off Hwy #403.

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