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Jul 8, 2008 11:10 AM

Local 121

Well, I have to say, the first time I went there I loved it. I thought I would bring my husband there this past weekend. I got a pasta and a salad again, which I thought was fine, they give a very small portion of pasta. My husband got their cabbage stuffed with cous cous as his main dish. The dish came, and in the middle were 3 small stuffed cabbage and that was it. We were very disappointed! another thing was, the service was not that great this time. The waiter did not seem totally familliar with the menu or wine list, we had to wait for wine.
I have spoken to many people that have had mixed experiences there.

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  1. If you search this board you'll find similar mixed reviews. I'm sad to hear this though because, although the majority of the reviews when they first opened were lackluster at best, the most recent ones had been more positive, and I had hoped they had improved. So much potential there, I'm so sad it hasn't become what it could have.