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Jul 8, 2008 10:36 AM

Recommendations in Ft. Lauderdale?

I need a few reasonable recommendations for breakfast/lunch/dinner in Fort Lauderdale... we are visiting my dad for a few days who is a pretty picky (simple) eater... any suggestions would be appreciated!


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  1. A real simple, easy going, kinda grill place is Flanigans. They have a website and a ton of locations, the one on Atlantic Blvd. is my favorite. Also Thai Spice on Federal Higway in between Commercial and Floranada in the Blockbuster center is nice as well.

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      Some good recs on here. Some of them like Eduardo de San Angel and Samba Room might be too out there. I'd check out the menus online. Valentino's might work for your father since he'd likely be able to get good simple Italian food. Also, Hi-Life Cafe is very good and if I remember correctly, there are some simple items on the menu.

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        For breakfast, try Original Pancake House on Federal Hwy. I would also recommend Hi Life Cafe. You might also do well at Timpano on E. Las Olas and City Tavern, also on Las Olas.

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          I wouldn't call the food at Valentino's simple Italian food. Also, feaster18 said he's looking for a reasonable place, and Valentino's can be pretty pricey. Cafe Vico on Federal is slightly simpler Italian fare and is also more reasonable than Valentino's (though not as good).

        2. Greek Islands (A1A & Oakland Park Blvd.) is quite good (grilled lamb chops, gyros, fried calamari). If you go with meze type dishes the price will be very reasonable.
          Zona Fresca for a quick lunch spot. Fish taco is excellent.
          Gran Forno , Italian Bakery with fresh homemade sandwiches & pastries, on Las Olas is also a good lunch place. (limited seating but you can grab a to-go and have a picnic on the New River- walk down SE 15th Ave. to a nice park).
          Capital Grille @ the Galleria Mall has a good deal on lunch.

          1. New place to check out is "Sugar and Spice" on Oakland Park Blvd near the Intracoastal Bridge. Great food, very nice owners --- terrific early bird specials/reasonable prices. Also highly recommend Sunfish Grille, also on Oakland Park in a strip mall near Coral Ridge Shopping Center. More upscale prices & service, though.