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Jul 8, 2008 10:35 AM

whats nice in somerville/medford?

Our daughter moved yesterday and we are going up this afternoon to spend 2 nights
and help move in.

I need a casual affordable place with great food not to far from harris road, boston ave, alewife area.

Tomorrow is our anniversary as well.

I am looking at Summer Shack as one choice, need at least three more options.

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  1. Gargoyles
    West Side
    Chez Henri

    all not far if you have a car, all avoid harvard square where parking can be tough...although West Side and Chez Henri (on Mass Ave near Harvard Square can have their challenges...)

    1. For a festive atmosphere, I think Dali is the absolute best choice. I've gone there for birthdays, anniversaries and New Years and never been disappointed. And since it's tapas, everyone can eat as much or as little as they want.

      1. You've got options aplenty. A few quick thoughts, search the board for any of these names to get more info:

        Highland Kitchen (Somerville) - delicious midscale comfort food, great cocktails

        Gran Gusto (Cambridge, near Alewife) - awesome real Neapolitan food, the pizza is my favorite, but everything seems to keep getting better

        Vinny's at Night (East Somerville) - thoughtful Italian American that has largely removed the sigma of the genre for me

        Namaskar (Davis Square, Somerville) - my favorite Indian in town, phenomenal breads especially, served in a nicely decorated room

        I agree with the above recs for Dali and West Side Lounge. The Chez Henri dining room is expensive, but the bar menu is reasonably-priced and arguably better than its neighbor.

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          I second finlero- Highland Kitchen is great (the music is awesome, too), and Namaskar is by far the best choice for area Indian food. Not just typical staples (theyve got those too- carnivorous friends have told me the chicken tikka masala is quite tasty) but great south indian dishes, too.

        2. Casual, affordable, great food, boston ave = Tu y Yo (in my mind at least)

          Family-run, authentic Mexican food that's top notch. All entrees are under $20 I believe. It's not your typical Meixcan fare either, they have a sign on the door that says "We don't serve burritos"

          For your anniversary I'd go with Chez Henri or Dali. Both are on the pricier side, but close to what I'd consider "affordable"

          1. If you are looking for breakfast try Soundbites in Ball Sq Somerville

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              Better yet, try Ball Square Cafe next door. Great food and friendly service.

              Ball Square Cafe
              708 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

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                I knew someone would say that.