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Dining for men

Hi, my dad, brother and husband will be visiting D.C. Can anyone recommend some restaurants that they would enjoy? Nothing frou-frou and yes, they're carnivores. I see a lot of recommendations but they are in publications that might not match their tastes. They will be in town for 4 days so they would enjoy variety.


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  1. It would be helpful to know what their tastes are, so, you know, we could match them.

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      Yes, that would be helpful huh? Italian, steak, and southern style. A good wine list would also be great. Thanks!

    2. For steak I would suggest Charlie Palmer's Steak House or Prime Rib (but be aware that at Prime Rib men have to wear a jacket...totally worth it though!).

      For traditional red Italian they might enjoy Filomena in Georgetown. For more rustic Italian check out Dinos in Cleveland Park.

      They can grab pizza at Pizza Paradisio (in Dupont and Georgetown) or at Sette Osteria (in Dupont...also has good pasta, chautecerie etc).

      For good, casual seafood have them check out Hank's Oyster Bar. For higher end I hear that Black Salt is good.

      Brasserie Beck has excellent Belgium cuisine with an amazing beer list.

      Other places they might like: Acadiana, Ceiba, or Creme.

      And if they are looking for something a little more trendy/popular have them check out Central or Proof (especially if they are into wine).

      1. How about a crab feast at the Quarterdeck in Arlington? Certainly not frou-frou and its quite the carnivore experience (albeit not red meat, ripping animals apart should qualify, no?)

        1. Ray's the Steaks in Arlington. it's a favorite of locals and definitely not frou-frou – don't have to worry about wearing a jacket or maybe even pants. i think i've seen men in shorts there before.

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            This is where I was thinking too, but I was going to see what types of food they tend to enjoy. But yes it screams manly man to me. And if it is too busy go next door and get a hell burger...

          2. Raw Meat - Ethiopian on U-Street - Dukem/Etete
            Steak - Ray's the Steaks, Capital Grille
            Burgers - 5 Guys, and apparently Hell Burger

            Wings? Fried Chicken?
            Tex Mex?

            1. Carnivores, if you eschew frou-frou, but are still willing to pay the price, then you must go to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian churrasceria at 12th and Penn in DC. What an awesome feed!

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                Actually, the Bolivian place Victor's II in Falls Church out Red-Meats anywhere else, imo. In all seriousness get the Churasco Argentina, and in all outlandishness, get one of the Parrilladas: http://www.victorsgrill.com/menugrill...

                If they're up on Capitol Hill, I'd suggest they drop by Tune Inn for a beer or three.

              2. Are they Neanderthals or human? Just kidding. Typical men food is red meat. Do you want the men in your life to eat 4 days of redmeat with no veggies? I'm sure I can come up with a supersized menu if that's what you want.

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                  OK, I realize I made them sound like knuckle draggers -
                  They actually have a variety of tastes. My husband loves a good tuna steak, but my dad and brother are not big fans of seafood. My father enjoys wine so any place with an extensive wine list would be nice. My brother is more basic - not such a veggie guy, but will always try something new.

                  (I just didn't want to send them anywhere that might house a doily)

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                    I think a lot of the recommendations above still apply to your group (even if they are not cavemen :) )

                2. I would highly recommend Blue Duck Tavern. The decor is very simple and minimalist, so definitely not frou-frou. The food and service are outstanding as well. They have a wide selection of meat entrees and apps (and also great seafood if they feel like trying something different for the evening).

                  Another great choice would be Brassiere Beck. I think their beer selection is pretty unmatched in the city (as far as restaurants in its range go) and the food is delicious. Bistro atmosphere, so again not frou-frou.

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                    I agree with BDT. It should be on my above list. Their meats are excellent...I also like their family-style sides.

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                      I was dissapointed w/ BDT (the steak, creamed spinach and dessert.) Although, I did love the bone marrow appetizer!

                  2. All of these have been recommended already, but to put my two cents in . . . Since your father is a fan of wine, definitely check out Dino. Good rustic Italian food, fantastic and very well priced wine list, and you can get a good piece of steak there most days.

                    I'd definitely suggest that they try an Ethiopian place, Etete or Dukem, as recommended already. Ray's the Steak would be good, and if they want to say in town The Palm or Prime Rib are good. They might also check out Capital Grille. If they are real carnivores and want to gorge, Fogo de Chao is the place to go.

                    Forget Five Guys for burgers, they are way to inconsistent. The burger at Central is great, but pricy, same with Palena Cafe. Check out today's Post Food Section to read about good burger places.

                    If they are the type that would enjoy a great bistro with a good wine list and great food La Chaumiére would also be a good recommendation.