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Jul 8, 2008 10:30 AM

Hollywood Bowl Dinner - Onsite Catering or Order Food?

Hi - I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl in 2 days and have box seats. I'm wondering if you recommend just ordering from Patina catering to deliver to the box or going to pick up picnic fare? People have recommended Clementine or Maison Akira. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I was there last night for the Stevie Wonder concert and saw lots of people ordering from Patina - but I did see people carrying picnic sets from other establishments such as Clementines, Joans on Third, even Gyo Chon chicken! Personally, we bought sandwiches at Gelsons and ate on the stands - but if you're willing to spend more, I think Clementine's is a great choice. FYI no glass bottles are allowed (plastic bottles are fine) so keep this in mind - lots of people had to throw away their wine. Have a great time!

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      Thanks! Esp for the tip on the wine! Does that wine specification go for any where in the bowl? Any recommendations on food at Clementines?

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        The no glass rule is only for "leased events", like Stevie Wonder. If you are going to a bowl event you can definately bring glass, especially wine. That is part of the fun of the bowl! If you are going on Thursday, then you are at a bowl event and can bring wine.

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          Like Diana mentioned below - please check to see if it is an event thrown by the Bowl or not. I was at the Bowl a month ago for the KCRW concert series - Beer / wine bottles were OK inside & outside the stands. The Stevie concert yesterday - absolutely no glass bottles allowed inside the stands - however it's OK in the picnic table areas. It's confusing for the concert attendees - I know...

          I really love their chocolate chip cookies and banana cream pic at Clementine's. I think they're expensive - but I've never had a bad tasting sandwich/salad/side there! Enjoy!

      2. Eew Patina is not all that great. Other places will put together a nice picnic

        - get a bowl box or picnic meal from Gelson's
        -Get a selection of Cheeses, bread, meats and stuff from Artisan Cheese Gallery
        -Get a basket from The Little NExt Door
        -Get a picnic from Bristol Farms
        -Go to Trader Joes and pick up yummies yourself, and some good wine
        -Get some yummies from Yum Cha in Chinatown and bring your own wine.
        - Get take out from Boneyard Bistro (yum!)
        - Make a stop at Porto's for potato balls, sandwiches, pasteries and Tres LEches cake

        Glass bottles are allowed as long as the show is being put on by the bowl itself, and is not a concert where the venue is rented out by another company or artist. I have brought in several bottles of wine, as well as glass glasses. Just check with the bowl website to see if the show is part of thier season, or from a "renter"

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          Thanks for all the suggestions Diana! I'm actualy flying into Burbank that afternoon and Porto's is right next to it. So do they make any picnic baskets or do you put one together yourself?

          1. re: margaretsanfran

            They don't have baskets, but fully half the people at any Bowl event have just plastic bags. We went last night and took Vietnamese sandwiches, fresh rolls (goi cuon), coconut dessert (che) and fresh fruit, plus a bottle of champagne.

            You can, incidentally, buy bottles of wine (at restaurant prices) at Patina's Market Cafe, between the D-E and F-K levels. They have plastic wineglasses (free with purchase).

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Last night!?! You went to see Carmina Burana--my only tix to the Bowl this season--but decided that the trek was too much for a work night.

              Our original Bowl plan was to stop by Philippe's The Original & take a couple sandwiches up. Instead, we went to Sushi Momo in downtown Fullerton. Great place for special rolls and plain sushi.

              1. re: OCAnn

                There was absolutely zero traffic -- we left Anaheim at 5 (having already procured the picnic from Banh Mi Che Cali, where they were their usual pleasant selves, ugh), got to the Bowl shuttle at 5:50, and were home in Anaheim at 11:45.

                I bought a split of sparkling wine at the Patina store and revelled in drinking it straight from the bottle when I got to our seats, much to the horror of people around us.

        2. I prefer Clementine's or Mako's HBowl Boxes over the mediocre Patina offerings.

          1. We always bring our own food and table cloths for the table tops/tables in the box. A lot of people bring real stemware and real silverware, but I think that's too much hassle. I bring nice recyclables. But the table cloths really make a big difference!!

            I prefer to put together what I want to eat, myself, and usually get something from Bristol Farms, Trader Joes, or the like.

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              i'm there with you. i like to make a trip to whole foods and buy items from their charcuterie and fromage section in addition to some vino. nice and simple and absolutely no mess to take care of.

              1. re: wilafur

                I've had too many experiences with cheese that has gone bad. God knows how that happens, as I've left some of my french cheeses till they turn to goo and they're fabulous. But WF wraps in plastic, and some stores leave them that way a little too long. When it smells and tastes of urine, it's no fun.

                Then again, some WF have better cheese and wine guys than others. The guy in Woodland Hills (with the cute bandana over his head) is pretty dang good.

                For the quality though, I prefer to get my cheeses and meats and such at Artisan Cheese Gallery, who can also provide wine now, crackers, handmade chocolates, fruit pastes and such, yummy sandwiches and salads, breadbar breads, French Lorina Lemonade and more.

                1. re: Diana

                  yeah, plastic RUINS the cheese, imho. wax paper helps; even if you have to transfer right when you get home.

                  1. re: Diana

                    i avoid this by simply asking them to unwrap the cheese and to give me a sniff/taste. i've never had a problem.

              2. If the Bowl catering is anything like the food in the Pool Circle do the Bowl catering. I got a chance to eat in the Pool Circle and it was sublime! Pantina is in charge of the catering there.